January 7th-13th 2023

love retreat

Mindset work, healing, manifestation & spiritual growth have been the number one way I have been able to grow my business, experience my greatest happiness & dare to live in my power. 

I am inviting you to join me for an intimate, all-inclusive retreat in a stunning home on the sacred beaches of Tulum where we can focus on your deep healing. You will leave this experience a new person. 

the world has changed, & healing is needed more than ever. the times have brought a lot of learning, unlearning, pressure, stress, & evolution. I knew in my heart it was time to host a small experience for healing, rest, alignment, & expansion. 

I have watched time & time again the trajectory of someone's life totally change, simply by changing their mind, healing themselves, & rewriting old stories. Your life is your story & you get to make it as magical as you desire it to be. 

I believe what is desired by you is designed for you. Join us for a wellness retreat where you can reflect, heal, align, manifest wealth & expand into your truest self. 

dream on little dreamer

Meet elizabeth faye  your retreat host

I am so excited to invite you to one of the most sacred lands in the world. The beaches of Tulum are mayan land & the energy there is something I have never experienced before. We will be on a private beach that is protected & we will have private chefs cooking us meals. 

I am a business & life coach. I have helped thousands accomplish great success in business but my greatest joy is helping women remember their power. 

The work we will do at Love Retreat is deep limiting belief work, deep healing, deep release, rewiring & stepping into a higher version of self. This special experience is created to be the safest way to transform. You will be surrounded by love, safety & magical land.

 Between workshops, breath work, excursions, yoga, swimming, resting & sacred will have a once in a lifetime healing experience. 

Workshops, activities, yoga, breath-work, beach time, rest, Mayan ceremonies & of course play.  We will also leave you with integration tools post retreat.


Each enrollment comes complete with a special gift with items that will help you enjoy your retreat experience & stay connected to your higher self once you return home. 


5-star chef cooking amazing meals that you can look forward to. You will get to personally meet & experience Tulum through creative dishes & a truly unique cuisine experience.


What's Included:

We cannot wait to meet you. You will leave with a sisterhood. 

All you have to do is pack your journal, beach wear, swimsuit, & book a flight! We take care of everything else. 

Come heal & transform

There are 3 options for your stay.
All female community based healing retreat experience.

Payment plans below

Shared bed in the ocean front beach house. The house has a few beautiful rooms with two beds in each. The house has AC & indoor bathroom & showers. All shared bathroom accommodations. You will be in a shared bed with a retreater. You can choose who you would like to bunk with or we will help partner you up. You will leave with a new sisterhood.  

- OR - 


Shared Bed in
Beach House






Payment plans below

Private luxury glamping tent on the beautiful Tulum beach. You will have your own bed & private tent. Your tent is just a few steps outside of the beach house, which you will have 24/7 access to. You will have a hotel grade bed & access to indoor & outdoor restrooms. You will literally be steps away from the ocean & will rest hearing the waves crash. 

- OR - 


Private Luxury
Glamping Tent 






Payments plan below.

Shared luxury glamping tent on the beautiful Tulum beach. You will have your own bed but there will be another retreater in your tent in their own bed. Your tent is just a few steps outside of the beach house, which you will have 24/7 access to. You will have a hotel grade bed & access to indoor & outdoor restrooms. You will literally be steps away from the ocean. 

- OR - 


Shared Luxury Glamping
Tent [most popular!]






sold out

sold out

sold out 

- Samantha landon

I have surrounded myself with strong women & I learned so many new things! New ways to work on my business. New ways to strategize. New ways to focus on what my family needs from me.
Love Retreat has changed my life. The connection in this group is amazing! You need to trust that the journey will take you the next level!

- Chrystal L.

This week has been an amazing experience. I‘ve spent the last five days with women who are dreaming as big as I am, wanting to positively impact the world, and encouraging each other along the way.⁣ I am so grateful for every moment with each of these ladies. I am so thankful I took that chance. And in doing so, I hit the lottery! ⁣

- Jess taylor

This week has been life changing. Elizabeth Faye and her team have outdone themselves. Thank you for such an amazing experience. 
I can’t wait to come home and share all of this with you. ♥️

- Darby

I’m back from Love Retreat and i wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who made this retreat possible. It takes a lot to be so open, raw & authentic ESPECIALLY around those you JUST met & I think that’s why we weren’t just bonded for the weekend.. we are bonded for life. I love you soul sisters & I miss you all so much already❤️

- allie sartain

​​Sometimes you just gotta slip away with your girlfriends and get lost in the wild to find yourself again. 🤟🏼One thing I have learned in my career is that having a community to lean on is imperative to growth. I am so beyond grateful for my tribe! For my babes that are out there working on their goals. They strive to be the best version of themselves so that they can show up to serve others better.

- Miss Pilar

Do you ever look back and you’re like holy crap yeah, I did that! I put myself in the most uncomfortable of situations in hopes of growth, to learn, and also trust myself. As an adult, it’s hard to make friends. So if there’s any occasion to meet people, I’m pretty down! This is a decision that I’ve made not only in my career but my personal life, and I’ve never been so moved. For me the beauty industry is this harsh dark world, and @heyelizabethfaye has spread so much light, and because of her love, we have learned ourselves that we can too be the light.

Check out what our babes have to say:

Alright...I love talking about all the magic things but now it's time for the legal stuff. In order to make the magic happen...we have some policies you are agreeing to when you purchase. Due to the nature of events, there are NO exceptions. 

Your ticket is neither refundable or transferrable to another event. In case of an emergency you may sell your retreat to this exact same retreat or gift to another person to attend. If you are unable or unwilling to do either or those and you choose to not attend for any reason, you will not be given a refund or transfer credit. Due to the nature of events we cannot offer exceptions. In case of any unforeseen Covid-19 or pandemic issue where the event is illegal to host. We will reschedule the date. The same purchasing policies apply.

By purchasing your ticket you agree to the following terms and conditions of sale related to the Hair Love Retreat, LLC scheduled for 2022 In Tulum (“The Retreat”). At the time of signing up for The Retreat, you agree to pay the full balance of AMOUNT in monthly installments based on your payment plan. If The Retreat is cancelled for reasons outside of our control, whether to due COVID-19, or for other reasons, we will provide you with a transfer credit to be used for the scheduled same future event hosted by us within 2022 or 2023.

This retreat may change locations or dates if that is the case. If you choose not to attend the rescheduled date/location you are forfeiting your ticket. While we will not impose any unnecessary restrictions, due to the nature of travel in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hotel, airline and/or other vendors involved in The Retreat may require pre screening methods from you, including but not limited to COVID-19 tests, mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, and other reasonable health and safety precautions. Therefore, by agreeing to these terms, you acknowledge that you will comply with certain safety requirements that may be necessary to participate in The Retreat.  Above explains what you need to understand about Covid & refunds/transfers. For the full purchasing terms of the agreement please go HERE -->

Covid-19 + Purchasing Policies

We would love to help! Please email us at If you have more questions regarding coaching, email us & we can set up a call with Elizabeth Faye to help you decide if this retreat is perfect for you. 

I have more questions.

You are responsible for your flight & travel in cost, but we are here to help!

The nearest international airport to Tulum is the Cancún International Airport. From there we will help you to arrange travel 75 miles north to Tulum. Typically we arrange it in a way that you get a group rate rather than each paying an individual price for your taxi/travel!

Your travel from airport to venue is not included in your ticket, but we can help arrange all of it & you will just pay the driver. Another bonus of this is we will pair you with other retreaters for your shuttle, making the shuttles cost less. 

If you have questions about ANY of the above information, please reach out & email us at

Just come as you are!! You do not have to have any experience with yoga, breath-work or anything else! Just come as you are. We will follow your pace & you can choose to not participate in anything you like if you would rather rest. 

We are here to answer ANY & ALL questions! If you have anything on your mind, please send an email over to or DM Elizabeth Faye @heyelizabethfaye.


Where do I fly into? Let's talk about COVID-19 and travel.

This will be a rejuvenating & relaxing week so pack whatever you feel most comfortable in!

Here are some specific items you will want to pack:

swim suits
sunscreen & bug spray
beach wear [hat, sunglasses etc]
photoshoot outfit (or 2)
light weight pj's for sleeping
we also recommend leaving room in your suitcase for shopping in town [the shopping is really good!]
Email if you have any questions!

What to pack?

FAQ right here, babe.

what do i need to be prepared? i have never gone to a healing retreat.