We believe education unlocks human potential.
Apply NOW for 2022 scholarships available. 
Open for application May 9th- July 31st 2022 

Hair Love Scholarship is a scholarship for ambitious hairstylists and beauty industry professionals who want to create a fulfilling career. They love their craft, the industry & want to build a wealthy business that can last a lifetime. 

We know that starting a business & growing a clientele can be challenging & that there are so many hairstylists, salon owners, & beauty educators that would flourish with the right support.
Sometimes we just need some support & education, 

As hairstylists, we have so much positive impact on so many in our local communities.
Clients share so much of their intimate life with us. The best moments & the worst. 

Stylists are typically creatives at heart & love human connection but we have found that business, wellness, & advanced craft education are not accessible to so many stylists. We want to create opportunities for all types of hair businesses & hair entrepreneurs.  

The hair industry is one of abundance, & we want everyone to have a piece of the pie. 

Whether you are just getting started, in beauty school, opening a salon, or have been in the industry for years & feel that quality education would change your life. THIS IS FOR YOU!

Apply for your business today or nominate a hairstylist you know.


opening this summer 




Fill out an application below & tell us the story about you, your business & why the scholarship was made for you; be authentically you.

 (Be sure to read the guidelines below of what we are looking for.)


If you are nominating someone else, please be sure to share all of their contact information.

You will need to include the appropriate scholarship requirements when applying for someone else's  business. 


You will not be able to pick and choose which education opportunity you will or won't be granted. Which is why application category is very important.
You will choose your category.
 PLEASE only enter into categories that would genuinely serve you and fit your business needs. 


You can apply for each scholarship category one time per business. 

Giving you 5 total opportunities to nominate your business. Please only enter categories that will genuinely help your business.


What we are looking for exactly?

We are looking for passion. This is not a contest about the merit of your work this is about your passion, dedication & love for your craft. 

We are looking for YOUR best, not THE best. To enter these categories, nominate yourself or others.

For the craft scholarship you will share pictures of your best work or you working doing what you love in the application form. 

We are looking for you to share with your words how you exercise your passion, dedication & love for your craft. Tell the story of why you love what you do & what a scholarship would do for your business behind the chair. If you are nominating someone else, please be sure to add all their proper contact information. 

We believe wealth in the hands of hairstylists makes the world a better place. We are helping create more successful stylists to move our mission of making the world a better place. 


What we are looking for exactly?

We are looking for conscious hairstylists & salon owners who want to grow. 

These categories are very important to us because we know it’s important to change the way hairstylists are taught business. We are looking for stylists who are aware that they need business education to flourish & leadership training to manage their salons. We want to create a community of incredible stylists who run their business like a business. 

Well-being is so important to the hair industry because we stand our feet all day every day & pour into others. You cannot have a healthy & long career if you do not put yourself first as a service-based provider. We are looking for conscious stylists who want to invest time & energy into their own health, mindset, & energy. 

These scholarships are transformational & we are looking for stylists who are willing and committed to their personal & business transformation. We are removing all of the financial barriers from you to be able to transform. You just have to come ready & willing. 

This is not a contest about where you are now, it’s about where you are going. We believe in your limitless potential. You can be in hair school, a struggling salon, or a thriving business ready for the next level needing some guidance. All hair businesses are welcome.