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our origin story

Hair Love University is on a mission to elevate the artist, salon owner & educators of the professional beauty industry. We know the impact they have on the world & we are here to amplify that impact. 

We do that through education, support & community. We know that wealth in the hands of hairstylists makes the world a better place. Hairstylists change the world because of the way they make others feel; they make them feel "heard, seen & loved".  

We are here to nurture & empower the artist, owners & educators to live their best lives & create wealth so they can have massive impact. 

We believe that
hairstylists change the world

The Hair Love Story

you are officially invited to step into your divine power today.  xo 

our founder

Elizabeth Faye is a thought leader and major advocate for the professional beauty industry. 

She is an ambitious & passionate leader, entrepreneur, trauma informed coach, breath work expert, author, speaker, wife & mother. She created Hair Love out of a love for hairstylists & the professional beauty industry. She is a retired stylist of 10 years & retired salon owner of 7 years. 

Elizabeth's life was changed by a hairstylists when she was 12 years old & she deeply believes that hairstylists make a major impact on society & the lives of their clients daily. She believes that by elevating the stylist & the beauty industry she is able to be a part of positive change in the world. 

It is important to her to help stylists run their businesses like CEOs, create wealth & build well rounded & fulfilling lives. This is the ripple effect we are all a part of.

"making someone feel...heard, seen & loved is one of the most profound things you can do. hairstylists do that daIly."
-Elizabeth Faye

Meet Elizabeth Faye

The Hair Love Manifesto

At Hair Love we know the impact beauty professionals have in the world, we are here as a brand & community to amplify that impact. 

We know what hairstylists do is so much more than hair, they are making others feel heard, seen and loved. 

We know when we help hairstylists create wellbeing and wealth in their life and business we are part of a massive ripple effect. 

We believe that wealth in the hands of hairstylists makes the world a better place. We know that well being and wealth go hand in hand. 

Modern hair stylists are healthy, wealthy, balanced, educated, supported and thriving. 

At Hair Love we are an ecosystem of support, community and education for the beauty industry. 

Our mission is to leave the industry radically better than we found it. 

At Hair Love University we know that hairstylists change the world. 

The Anatomy Of Hair Love 

At Hair Love we know we are all a part of the RIPPLE EFFECT! This is the idea that an act of kindness, the way you make others feel and the little things that you do, have an effect that spreads and has far reaching effects.
Similar to the butterfly effect, that rests on the notion that the world is deeply interconnected, such that one small occurrence can influence a much larger complex system.

OUR BELIEFS AND VALUES MAKE UP WHO WE ARE as a brand. They are the foundation of our heart centered brand and the anatomy of our company. These core beliefs and values make up why we continue to change the industry with our mission, message and movement. 

we believe that education unlocks human potential 

we believe that hairstylists change the world

we believe we are all a part of the ripple effect 


heart centered leadership 

taking radical responsibility for our lives 

that wealth and wellbeing go hand in hand 

mastery in our craft 

that financial success is sacred 

Education Philosophy

At Hair Love we serve businesses in a holistic way. We know your sacred success is made up of many parts. You are dynamic and your business is dynamic. We only offer LIFE CHANGING and wildly transformative results. Anything less, frankly, wouldn't be on brand!
Studies have proven that "success is 80% psychology & 20% strategy"
this is why an inside out approach has the most transformational results.

Our philosophy is when you FEEL good, you do good.  

We take a 360 view of what goes into a healthy beauty business & that starts with the person leading that business being well & wealthy. The reason Hairstylist's Change the World, isn't because of the haircut or the highlight, it is because of the way they make their client FEEL. But we have an industry that is riddled with hairstylists who are underserved, burned out and overworked. The people who take care of people all day, aren't being taken care of. This is where we come in. At Hair Love we offer wellness, business, financial and craft education that isn't centered solely in OUTCOMES but centered in WHAT FEELS GOOD for the hair stylists. This will bleed into their leadership, marketing, skills, finances and long term success. This is SACRED SUCCESS. 

Helping them build careers that are sustainable and setting beauty professionals up to thrive. This is a revolution of salon success without the struggle. 

This is the space where wellbeing and wealth go HAND IN HAND. This is the change our industry has been craving. The time is now. 

The Methodology

The Sacred Success Method is based in building beauty careers that are sustainable and fueled by purpose, passion, pleasure and peace. We take a mind, body & soul approach in everything we do. Keeping the heart of the stylists at the center of everything. 

This approach allows our clients to define, generate & experience purpose driven success. There are very specific keys that we use at HAIR LOVE to unlock our client's full potential so they can be fully actualized and be CHANGE AGENTS for good.

it's where mind meets magic
🗝 MIND: strategy, skill and science.
🗝 BODY: somatic, energetic, subconscious.
🗝 SOUL: essence and purpose

What Makes Our Retreats so Transformative? Why Are People Obsessed with Hair Love? 

Escape to Learn was what our retreats were founded on. This is the foundation of how we set up learning environments that are built to cause LIFE CHANGING TRANSFORMATION. We don't just gather and host. We curate an experience with the stylists TRANSFORMATION at the heart. This is why what we do is not found anywhere else. The way we facilitate, educate and hold space is extremely intentional, created and curated to cause a life changing experience that will be imprinted for life.  

We have 3 pillars that make how we serve at our famous Hair Love Retreat. 

We serve you well beyond the haircuts and highlights you give. Because we know what you serve is so much more than that. We serve the soul behind the chair. The soul that serves so many other souls. We take care of the hairdresser because we know they change the world. 



WELLNESS & spirituality

Behind the Hair Love mission & vision is not only our amazing global community & many incredible brands...but a small & mighty team with a passion for this industry & hairstylists' success. We are a company that is founded for hairstylists, by hairstylists. 

Pictured here are some of the leaders of this brand that make the magic happen. We are committed to creating digital & physical products that improve the life of stylists, salon owners & educators alike. We are dedicated to creating spaces & experiences where these creatives can thrive, grow & become the best version of themselves. We are honored to lead this community in this way. 

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