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Creating this planner was a labor of love and took a whole team to make sure it was perfect; we are proud to say we made a FREAKING LIFE CHANGING product! From the quality, design, and functionality to the amazing content, you need this planner & system in your life.
🔥Introducing ...The Plan to Win Planner!!!

Our Hair Love community is filled with amazing beauty entrepreneurs, but there isn’t a planner (trust us we have looked high and low) that suits the need of a creative service based provider... until now!

This planner will come with an entire Plan to Win course teaching you all of our proven life and business exercises [free with every purchase.]

It is a totally dateless and customizable planning experience!


More than just a planner!

the planner

let's do this babe, 2022 is going down!

All 100% customizable to fit your creative life. 

The world needs your magic, that's why you have to plan to win.

Make your goals happen. 
Get your priorities straight.
Fill your life with gratitude. 
Hit your financial goals. 
Organize your unique life. 
Manifest your best self. 

Years of proven coaching tactics, systems, and tracking methods all in one gorgeous system! So much more than a planner, it's a way of life. 

You're a business owner but you also have to fit in family, friends, clients, date night, taking children from place to place, trying to have a social life, and maybe drink a green smoothie here and there! 

It can feel overwhelming; that's why you have to plan to win.

I have always loved a good planner but couldn't find something that fit my beauty business and creative life into one book.

That's why I created the Plan to Win Planner!

I get it, you wear a lot of hats;

I know what it is like...

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