EPISODE #2: Fear You Don’t Own Me

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Discomfort equals growth! In order to move toward things that we want in life, it takes doing things that are uncomfortable. In order to continue to evolve, we must put ourselves in positions that allow us to grow. Elizabeth shares some tips on how to conquer fear on your journey.

Positive self-talk and mantras. You have to workout your mindset just like you would your body. I am statements are a great way to silence that negative voice we all have. When we fill our mind and voice with new, positive ideas and mantras, it leaves less room for that negative voice.

High energy playlist. All music carries energy and vibrations. Have playlists prepared to help you raise or calm down your energy levels. This is also a great way to set a vibe in your salon. The power of music is a tool that is so helpful, and can help you conquer your fears, and increase your vibrational frequency.

All leaders are readers. Winners NEVER stop learning. You are on a constant journey, and you will have a hard time progressing if you aren’t filling your mind with new things. Be someone who is continually reading and learning about new ideas.

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