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The Choice to Decide Poem


“She forgot about her bright ideas, her talents and her strong voice.

Maybe it was because no one told her, greatness is a choice.

She couldn’t see the service and light she had beaming inside,

She was blinded by her “what if’s” and let her “not enoughs” lead the ride.

What if I fall flat on my face? Or lose all that I have?

But what if you could change the world? And never tried, now wouldn’t that be sad.

Fear was smoke in mirrors because all of the things she was looking for had ALWAYS been near.

It was only self doubt speaking lies into her ears.

One day she woke up and decided that the world was her friend!

She said to herself, “My awesome simply doesn’t have an end!”

There is no rush to any ultimate destination.

She closed her eyes in stillness and in solemn meditation.

All it took was the choice to decide.

Then she finally let her awesomeness lead the ride.

You have always been as awesome as you ever wanted to be,

Awesome isn’t something you become or find…it’s in YOU….you see. “

– Hair Love Founder

Elizabeth Faye