The Holidays are here! We all know how crazy this time of year is for stylists and anyone in the service industry. Take a minute and pat yourself on the back for getting here!

This episode is all about preparing your heart and mind for a brand new year and enjoying what’s left of this one! Elizabeth talks about decluttering, and how important it is to make space for what you want in life. In order to get the better and best, you have to let go of things that are just good. Pay attention to how your goals are making you feel. As you are mentally preparing for 2019 and all the amazingness it is going to offer, it’s time to do some spring cleaning for your soul!

“The mess that you have in your house or car is representative of the mess that’s in your heart or mind.”

Surrounding yourself only with the things, people, and ideas that bring you joy is a great place to start. Figuratively eat the elephant one bite at a time. As you remove the things that don’t bring you joy, we think you’ll start to emotionally and mentally feel lighter and prepared for the better things to enter!

Part of this is making room for time to enjoy your family and the things you like during the holidays! All of us at Hair Love HQ wish you the HAPPIEST holiday season. We Hair Love YOU!

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