Traveling 101

We could probably write a full series of posts just about traveling, but for now we thought we would just share some essential tips and tricks that we use when we travel; hopefully you find them helpful for your next adventure!

Let’s save some money!

When should you buy?

When buying your ticket it is always nice to get the best price you can. Forbes magazine reported the following time frames as the most affordable by season:

Winter: 62 days in advance

Spring: 90 days in advance

Summer: 47 days in advance

Fall: 69 days in advance

Statistics also show that Tuesdays are the most inexpensive day of the week to purchase.

Where should you buy?

Here is a list of sites or apps that we love to use when searching for the best deals:

The hardest part: PACKING

Lets face it, packing is the WORST part of traveling! It is so easy to forget that “one thing I needed most” yet still somehow overpack. Here are some things to remember that may help:

Plan Ahead-

I always try to do all of my laundry, plan to have all clothing packed at least a day or two before the trip so i only need to add in makeup and toiletries, and WRITE OUT A PACKING LIST. We always think we can do it mentally, but that is how things get forgotten

Check the weather-

Before writing out your packing list make sure you look into weather conditions of where you will be going. This is even more important if you are going foreign because it is possible that you will be traveling to a country that is in a different season.

Check Airline Baggage Info-

Different Airlines have different guidelines for what is included and what you have to pay extra for, and many of them charge less if you pay for your bag in advance. Also, airlines have different weight specifications for checked luggage. Knowing what you are allowed will save you for paying expensive overweight fees!

Make your flight as comfortable as possible!

Layer up!

Dress in layers! This both saves space in your suitcase and will help you be prepared for a cold or warm flight

Don’t forget the essentials!!!

Bring snacks for the flight! Also, put an EMPTY water bottle in your carry on and fill it up at the water fountain to avoid spending a fortune on water through security. Airport food and beverage is expensive and nothing special, so pack for yourself and save the money for goodies when you arrive at your destination.

Get Cozy, esp on the long flights.

Put slipper socks in your carry on and put them on to keep your feet cozy and warm! Bonus comfort, bring an eye mask (both to look extra and get some rest!)

So you’re traveling abroad?!

Start brushing up on your 10th grade french

Learn some customs of the country, not only will locals appreciate it, but in some countries their customs may be taken very seriously and you wouldn’t want to accidentally offend! A good resource is duolingo. You also can find plenty of podcasts to help you learn languages!

Get a Dictionary

Download a translation app. My favorite is Google Translate because you can use your camera to translate signs and menus without typing in anything! You also might want to buy a translation dictionary.

“Donde esta la biblioteca?”

Learn a few basic phrases such as “please”, “thank you”, “I do not speak ____”, “sorry”, “Where is ____” in the local language. Even in countries when English is commonly known, people appreciate the effort and are typically more helpful.

You can never be too prepared!

Make sure you have all the information you need. Look into if any vaccinations are needed, see if you need special international driving, and double check that you have all your details fr flight information and accommodations.

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Keep us posted on your adventures by tagging us in your posts and stories! We love adventure and want to feel like we are out exploring the World with our tribe!