Episode 42: The Mindful Entrepreneur with Kelli Mason

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If you haven’t met Kelli Mason yet, you are in for a TREAT. Kelli is the host of The Limitless Hairdresser podcast, advocate for bringing mindfulness and intention into your business, and just a delightful human being! In this episode, Elizabeth has a wonderful conversation with Kelli about her story, how to bring more peace into your business, and how intent and mindfulness can bring you more joy behind the chair.

2:00 – Get Happy Get Snappy

Kelli Mason recently won an award, colorist of the year from Euphoria! Huge congratulations to her! <3

4:20 – All About Kelli

Kelli is 32 years old. Kelli has been a hairdresser for about 12 years. She has been self-employed since 22. She has owned a salon for 7 years, and has been an educator for a little over 10 years.

8:00 – Instagram is Not Your Entire Business

Kelli says that you do and who you connect with in the real world is what makes you your money! That is what gives you your credibility. Those are the things are what matter the most. There is a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that happen when nobody isn’t watching.

9:30 – Kelli’s Upcoming Ebook

Kelli says she is releasing a free ebook called “Limitless Light” that will help stylists find out what their superpower is. She is hoping it will help people identify what they are really good at, and where they can step into their power.

15:00 – About Limitless Hairdresser

Limitless Hairdresser originally started out as a podcast. Kelli says it was created because she had so so much to say and share, and didn’t know how to do it in any other way. She says she was always interested in hearing the stories of other hairstylists, and trying to help them find peace and joy in the same career that literally saved her life. Ultimately, she wanted to create a space where she could empower people, shoot for the stars, but also identifying where people like her can heal and become better.

23:19 – How Hairdressing Saved Kelli

When Kelli was 13, she had moved from Michigan to Houston, Texas. The move from a small town school to a big school made it hard for her to feel like she could fit in. Her isolation and inner dialogue began a downward spiral that led to her attempting to take her own life at 13. When she was 19, her mom brought her back to Michigan. She enrolled in beauty school and completely fell in love with it. For the first time in her whole life, she found a meaning and a purpose.

“There is meaning, we just have to be open and ready and willing to see it.”

Hairdressers are powerful. We have such an opportunity to go much deeper than just their hair. We have an opportunity to change people’s lives with the energy we bring to the table, so that means we MUST bring the energy to the table.

We need to be more mindful in our businesses. We need to take better care of ourselves. We need to have our cups fill so we can give to others in a meaningful way.

31:19 – Bringing Mindfulness Into Your Business

How can we bring more mindfulness to our businesses? Meditation and mindfulness is all about intention, presence, awareness. When we are being mindful in business, it’s important to understand WHY we are doing something we are doing.

When we lose our direction from not leading your business in a mindful way, Kelli says we are more likely to experience “learning lessons” (aka failures). Those lessons are valuable, but being more conscious and aware will help you stay on your course and have less failures.

In today’s age with social media and a lot of voices, Elizabeth says there is a lot of noise in the industry. With so many different figures to look up to and feel inspired by, it is important to be intentional with WHO you get that inspiration from.

42:00 – Finding Your WHY

When was the last time you intentionally chose your business?

Kelli says that mistakes happen. We are human! We need grace, compassion, and love. Perseverance is the space where you are going to decide in this process “Can I commit to getting through the things that are going to be hard?”

Understanding your why and committing to that why, makes all of the heartbreak and roadblocks worth it. It doesn’t necessarily make it easier, but having that big picture commitment makes it worth the trouble.

When things get difficult, Kelli says she uses mantras to remind herself why she is doing any project that she has committed to.

47:37 – Creating Your Own Mantra

Kelli says that in female business ownership, a lot of us need reminders that we are loved, capable and worthy.

We love Kelli so much and hope you enjoyed this amazing episode!