Everything you need to know about WHY getting liability insurance is a must!

I get it girl boss…when you are a creative business lady…the last thing you want to do is think about things like insurance. In fact, it may stress you out or cause you to YAWN.

But to be the queen of your own empire you have to be smart and protect your business health. Today I am going to walk you through WHY covering your ass with insurance is important and NOT expensive.

We stand behind this amazing company Elite Beauty Society and it was specifically developed for Hairstylist and beauty professionals. Now let’s get into it!

What is this insurance policy you speak of??

Elite Beauty Society sells professional liabiyity insurance for the individual beauty professional.

What the heck is Hairstylist Professional Liability Insurance?

It is not health insurance, nor is it if the professional gets injured on the job. It is for the event a client is

injured in the professional’s care.

How Would a Client Even Get Injured?

Accidents happen, from a slip of the scissors, to a client simply tripping and falling.

What does the Elite Beauty Society Policy Cover?

Our policy is for up to $2 million dollars in professional, general and product liability.

What is the Difference Between Professional, Product, and General Liability?

Professional liability: covers you if your actions as the professional injure the client; ie you knick them

with your scissors.

General liability: covers accidents that may occur at the salon or spa; ie your client slips on split water

from the wash bowl.

Product liability: covers potentially adverse reactions to any products you used during an appointment;

ie your client did not tell you they were allergic to a certain dye and they have an adverse reaction.

What Else Does the Policy Cover?

EBS offers additional benefits such as

  • $100,000 in rental damage insurance (ie. you leave a hot tool on +burn the counter that is $10,000 to replace)

  • $25,000 in identity theft protection.

  • And $1,000 of stolen equipment coverage.

Doesn’t My Salon Cover Me?

Yes, generally salons are required to carry business insurance. However, many times this only protects

the name on the door and will not cover you if you provide services outside of the salon.

Our policy is 100% for you and only you, and it’s 100% mobile. Our policy follows you to weddings, trade

shows, anywhere you are performing professional beauty services. You do not need to let us know

where you are providing services, as long as you are following state regulations.

I’m a Hair Stylist and an Esthetician, Do I Need Two Policies?

Nope! Our policy covers more than 350 beauty and wellness services. Your price stays the same, no

matter how many services you perform or designate coverage for.

Other Member Benefits that will make you want to PARTY:

Elite Beauty Society also offers all insureds a free professional website, a free subscription to one of five

beauty industry publications, free eBooks and business resources, product discounts, and more!

What is the Cost?

ONLY $159 per year. There are no “sign up” fees and no additional fees to add on extra coverage, the

policy is all inclusive.

We also offer a $25 student policy that will cover the future professional for a full 365 days, as long as

the policy is purchased before graduation.

Welp…now you are a girl boss expert. Thanks to Elite Beauty we were able to offer you a BOMB.COM discount code “ELIZABETH” and feel free to ask any questions!