EPISODE 48: The Power of Storytelling


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To end our amazing month-long series celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month, Elizabeth and Mazie and have a wonderful chat about the power of storytelling, and how you can share yours with the world. 

The entire reason we started Hair Love Radio was to share STORIES! Before we had written language, we passed lessons and wisdom to future generations using stories. Storytelling has been around for thousands of years, and they are still just as powerful in 2019. 

To sum it up, stories are an excellent vehicle to transfer on your message and values to whoever is listening. 

The cool part is – is that we ALL have a story to share. And once you have heard and understand someone’s story, it is impossible not to love them. Once you are able to understand your OWN story, you’ll be able to understand and love yourself even better, and approach the rest of the world with more love and kindness.

Elizabeth teaches us in this episode how to pinpoint your values, passions, and natural gifts to build your story. Once you have those values pinpointed, you can find experiences you’ve gone through that apply to those key values. 

How to build YOUR story:

1. Start with the end in mind

Think about how many years you have been on earth. Now think about all the experiences and wisdom you can draw from! Any of those experiences can be a vehicle for your sharing your values and message with the world. 

2. When you’re going through challenges, remember that it’s for a purpose

It’s hard to go through hard times when you’re going through them. However, it always makes it a little easier when you can take a step back and say, “I’ve got this. And I’ll be able to share this experience with others to help them too.”

Moral of the story:

Everyone has a story

Learn your own story and the stories of those around you.