EPISODE 50: Strive for More with Lo Wheeler


We all have all wanted more for ourselves at some point (or points) in our lives. Sometimes our fears can hold us back from taking the leap and striving for more. In this episode, Lo Wheeler and Elizabeth talk about what those fears are, how to overcome them, and start fulfilling your purpose. 

1:05 – Fear of Failure or Success Is Normal

It’s normal to feel fearful of failure. Everyone is worried about failing. However, fearing success is also a thing. It means being afraid of reaching further than the status quo. When you begin striving to become more, it can sometimes alter the way your friends and associates view you. This change in perception can either be an inspiring thing, or it can sometimes hurt your relationships. 

9:35 – We All Have A Purpose

No matter what your beliefs are, we are all here to fulfill some kind of purpose. And when you aren’t on the path to fulfilling that purpose, it can be hard to not see other people fulfilling theirs and feel good about yourself.

10:13 – Lift each other up

Lo remembers years and years ago, she had a salon friend who started an IG account for their work with hair. When Lo found out what her friend was doing, and asked to learn more about it. Everyone else in the salon was critical of them starting business Instagram accounts, and borderline bullied them. Now, both Lo and her early-adapter friend are salon owners. 

If you want to be more, do more. If the rest of your social circle isn’t doing more, that’s ok. It’s ok to create boundaries as you are on your growth journey.  

What could be holding you back from being excellent is the fear of what people will think. 

“Flowers are pretty but so are sunsets, and they are nothing alike.”