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Schedulicity REALLY Does Care! How to Win 5K today

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We are so grateful to a handful of amazing brands that have supported Hair Love’s mission.

Schedulicity is a scheduling and marketing tool that completely revolutionizes the way hairstylists (and other service providers) work and run their businesses. Through some wonderful coincidences, Elizabeth Faye and Jerry met and the rest is history. We can’t think of a more beautiful brand partnership!

One sunny afternoon at Hair Love Retreat 2019, the Hair Love Tribe gathered by the main stage to hear an amazing story from Schedulicity’s CEO, Jerry Nettuno, about the revelation he had that brought Schedulicity to life.

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Jerry was a busy father, and found it frustrating to take time out of his day to schedule appointments like haircuts and massages. He was tired of the phone-tag game he would have to play to eventually find a time that worked for both him and his hairstylist. He knew there must be a better way to do this.

After beginning to develop a tool to make this easier for consumers, he had an epiphany. If he was struggling to schedule one or two appointments a month, how much more difficult is this for hairstylists to manage? Hairstylists are constantly behind the chair helping clients, in touch with clients who want to book appointments – it can be so overwhelming.

After that epiphany, Jerry decided to make Schedulicity about helping service providers optimize their lives and businesses, essentially getting hours and HOURS of their life back in their hands.

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After hearing this amazing story, our jaws LITERALLY dropped when Jerry said he was giving every retreat attendee FREE lifetime use of Schedulicity. We couldn’t believe it!


At the beginning of April, Jerry and his amazing team launched a program called Schedulicity Cares, where every month they award two $5,000 grants to a hairstylist and a barber. And guess what? The first hairstylist to win the Schedulicity grant was in the audience!

We did a drum roll and were so happy when Kylie Borcher’s name was announced. Kylie took to the stage, and everyone gave her hugs. It was an emotional, beautiful moment.

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When Kylie arrived at Hair Love Retreat 2019, she was neck deep in the most important move of her life: uprooting her family from Arizona and moving to her dream city in Telluride, Colorado. It has been a lifelong dream of hers to live in Telluride and raise her family, as well as own a salon there. The stars have aligned for Kylie in such a wonderful way, and we are so thrilled that such a deserving human won the #SchedulicityCares grant.

Here is what Kyile said after reflecting about this huge win for her business:

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“During Hair Love Retreat, something I could only have dreamed of happened, thanks to a man named Jerry and his company @schedulicity. As if Schedulicity hasn’t already changed my life with efficient online booking, they called me on stage and announced me as the winner of a $5k grant to help my business. Yep, you read that right!⁣

Thank you, Jerry, Schedulicity, Elizabeth Faye and team, and the hair love tribe for being who you are. I hair love you!”

As if all of this generosity wasn’t enough, Schedulicity also helped us provide such a fun photo moment that everyone at Hair Love Retreat loved playing with! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Schedulicity, Jerry, and Kylie for being members of this amazing tribe!

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