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Smudge + Tone Magic with Elizabeth Faye


Maybe you Smudge + Tone away in the salon…maybe you have heard an artist talking about it on Instagram… Well I am here to give you what you need to know about Smudge + Tone!

Elizabeth Faye , Redken Brand Ambassador Jamie Taylor and SalonCentric Ambassador just did an in depth FB live teaching you all about how to use this technique behind the chair. Click here to watch the entire event!

They worked with 2 different models to show case all things smudge + tone. Each model walked away feeling like a million bucks with their new natural hair color!


Model #1:

We started out with Redken free hand lightener with 40 volume to balayage. This was used because it’s a clay lightener so it stays moist on the inside, but hardens on the the outside so it is dreamy for balayage and hair painting.

She was smudged with Redekn Color Gel Lacquers 4nn and 10 Volume Pro Oxide. We used the new 4nn which stands for natural natural which gives us a really saturated rich result.

The nn’s have a blue violet background color, and so your end color gives you a very balanced cool result. For toner, we used .75 oz 08vb, .25 oz crystal clear, and 1 oz processing solution.

The vb series are SO awesome because they are the strongest corrective toner and are great for anyone with orange tones. The background on the vb’s are violet blue and live on the the black the grey background scale so we get a cooler ashy result.

We then used crystal clear in the formula to dilute the tone. Keep in mind using crystal clear does not dilute the level it dilutes the tone.

For example, think of bright red… if we add water to that it turns into pink… that’s exactly how crystal clear works. This helps, so we can leave the toner on for the full 20 minutes.

For levels 8-10, we recommend using 1/2 crystal clear in your formula or 2 parts crystal clear 1 part shades color.

Model #2:

To smudge + tone on the second model, we applied 1/2 Redken 6n and 6nb to the roots, and 1/2 8gi and 9v on the ends.

Each model ended up with such a pretty natural look!

Oh la la… we are so in love!

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 9.24.17 AM.png

Jamie Taylor, Redken Artist had this to say about the Redken Color Gels:

“I love color gel lacquers for the saturation and quick application! Because it’s a liquid color you can achieve easy blending. And let’s talk about that shine!!! The shine you achieve with it is amazing.

If I could take one thing to an island it would definitely be shaded eq gloss! It’s something that every hairstylist should have in their cupboard. It’s so versatile. Toning, smudging, refreshing, filling and so much more! Super super conditioning and shiny. “

Courtney Branom helped assist Elizabeth at the event and this is what she had to say:

“A smudge and tone is the icing on the cake of your color service. Not only does make all your work look flawless and seamless but it helps condition and and sooo much shine to your clients hair!”


Thank you again SalonCentric and Redken for putting together SUCH an amazing event!! And another thank you to everyone that attended!!