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Why You Should Switch to Online Booking ASAP

We are in 2019 right?! That means the future is now! The world has simply become more technologically advanced, and everything can be done online- it’s quick, easy, and convenient.

From booking appointments online, to ordering lunch, or finding new DIY home decor ideas. The world has become your oyster through the magic of the internet.

Why not take advantage of it?

Online booking is an enormous asset for your business, so if you are not utilizing the power of the internet and online booking, you are missing out on a vital growth opportunity for your business!

Here is why you should switch to online booking:

Why Online Booking?

Well first things first- online booking can save you loads of time! And as the saying goes- time is money.

Time is your most valuable resource. Online booking can save you time on taking phone calls and constantly texting clients to find a date that works for their appointment.

It’s a solution that allows you to focus on building your business, not just on running it.

With online booking, you are able to save that time you would’ve spent booking appointments, or texting your client’s appointment reminders, and now use it to grow your business!

Growing your clientele through email, social media, and making new connections.

Not to mention, it gives you the FREEDOM to be a mom, wife, sister and live your life outside of work!

Facts that might surprise you about Online Booking:

1. Did you know right now Schedulicity is booking a half of million appointments a week. SO YES YOUR CLIENTS WILL LOVE IT!

2. Over 72% are booking after BUSINESS HOURS… so how much money are you leaving on the table?

3. Statistically proven users are finding a 20-30% increase in their INCOME.

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Why Schedulicity?

From appointments and classes, to marketing and payments, Schedulicity gives you everything you need to grow your business.

We personally prefer Schedulicity for our online booking needs.

Schedulicity actually cares about you and your business, and wants you to find that solution for your life & business. Their support TEAM is actually incredible… they CARE so much and seamlessly help with your on-boarding process.

And don’t worry about cost! The price is relative to where you are in your business. This means you can pick and choose which add-ons make the most sense for you to better manage and grow your business!

It is extremely mobile friendly, easy to use, and there are no hidden fees or contracts involved my friends!

‘Schedulicity Pays’ is the most affordable way to process your client’s payments. They have created a solution up to 30% less expensive than other payment providers. LEARN MORE HERE.

Appointment management

You are able to create services and set your schedule in order to make bookings fast and easy for your clients.

Convenience is a huge factor for growing your clientele!

Customize your availability and manage your schedule from anywhere at anytime with the Schedulicity mobile app.

And of course, this means more time for the things that matter to you the most (like taking a lunch break or getting 8 hours of sleep every night).

  • Flexible calendar 

    View upcoming appointments in a snap. Add new appointments or edit the details of an existing one, all from one place — book again, create a recurring appointment, cancel it, go through checkout, view client details, and mark no-shows.

  • Effortless booking for clients

    Clients can discover businesses, services, and availability from our Marketplace on the web or mobile app. They can book appointments on their time, from any device, without ever needing you to lift a finger. They can even include multiple services, packages or products, and provide payment information from their own device.

  • Automatic email and text reminders

    Turn your business into a well-oiled money machine and notify clients of upcoming appointments by text or email. This means fewer no-shows and more money in your pocket.

Classes and workshops

Schedulicity also offers class and workshop tools that gives you complete control to set pricing, descriptions, session recurrence, instructors, and number of slots.

You are able to view and manage everything from the classes calendar.

  • Class and roster management

    Edit class or workshop details, enroll clients, check-in attendees, and mark no-shows. You’ll also know how many slots are unfilled. When a class is full, we have a handy waitlist feature. Enable clients to join a waitlist for a full class and have them automatically enrolled when a slot becomes available.

  • Waivers and alerts

    Create, edit, and send waivers to your clients. They can sign them digitally, all within Schedulicity. You can also create and view alerts for important things like billing issues or client preferences.

  • Group bookings

    You or your clients can book groups of people for a class or workshop. It’s fast and simple, plus, it encourages people to invite their friends along.

We hope that you choose to take advantage of this digital age! Get yourself an online booking system and grow your business boss babes! You can learn more about the Schedulicity online booking system HERE and get your first 3 months free when you use our Hair Love Promo!

Until next time✌️

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