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The Processing Payment System That Just Saved You Thousands of Dollars

So you’ve probably tried a million and one different payment processing systems for your business right?!

This one is too complicated to use. This one charges way too large of a processing fee. This one doesn’t accept VISA. This one doesn’t give your client’s the option to tip (ugh what a drag).

It’s time for a new payment processing system babe.

You need a new, easy-to-use system, that is basically flaw-free, inexpensive, and works with your needs.

We’ve got just the solution for you. Schedulicity Pay! Taa-Daa!

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What is Schedulicity Pay?

Schedulicity Pay is our personal favorite.

This is a payment solution that is unbelievably easy-to-use, boasts transparent pricing and has the lowest rates possible- like 30% less expensive than other payment providers!

That’s a no brainer right?

Plus you get to manage all aspects of your business through there!

It comes with limitless options. You can require online prepayment or charge in-person, accept tips, add products, and manage taxes and discounts, all from your Schedulicity account.

All major credit cards are accepted– no more turning people down with VISAs! Phew…

Schedulicity is Transparent!

You want to use the most reliable system, but also use a company that is not SCAMMY! There are no hidden fees and no contracts!

That’s our favorite part about Schedulicity- they give you all the info you need and more UP FRONT before you even decide to buy.

Most payments systems don’t even tell you how much your card processing fees will be until you’ve already bought your plan.

That’s annoying!

Because you end up paying THOUSANDS of dollars in processing fees over the time you’ve been using that system!

You should be able to know exactly what the fees are before you choose that system, so that you can pick the one with the best and lowest rates possible.

To dip, swipe, or tap a card it costs 1.99% + 10¢ per transaction with Schedulicity. Typing in your card or using it via e-commerce? Should you need to type in a card number or use it via e-commerce, that rate is only 2.85% + 25¢ per transaction.


They tell you exactly what the rates are and what you are paying for, before you even jump into a plan.

Not to mention, these rates are much lower than the popular industry standard payment systems….

Their transparent pricing structure is unlike any other systems out there ladies!


Best of all, Schedulicity Pay doesn’t require you to purchase expensive additional software, and you don’t have to enter a contract to use their service.

And let me tell you from experience- that is soooo freaking nice!

3 Months FREE with ME!

So start saving with Schedulicity. I use it, and many of the beautiful stylists and coaches in the Hair Love Tribe do as well!

We swear by this system! OMG it’s amazing. You can even use my promo code to get started too- try it for 3 MONTHS FREE and see if it’s the right fit for waht you need to get done in your business (and I promise it will be)!

And there are no contracts so don’t even begin to worry your pretty little head about that hun.

To find out if Schedulicity Pay is right for your small business, AND to get 3 months FREE, click here to get started with no strings attached!

Babe, I am so excited for you to save THOUSANDS in your business, just by trying out Schedulicity!