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Elizabeth is the woman of the hour for this week’s episode! She breaks down her experience with starting an education company.


Elizabeth started with working at Paul Mitchell, and then became an instructor. From there, she learned how to facilitate a classroom and how to keep people involved and interested during her classes! She continued to learn as she taught for the next few years. Paul Mitchell pushes their students to continue learning and growing so that you are able to teach those things you have learned.

Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about working in education:

Step #1: Find your WHY.

If you’re going into education, ask yourself WHY! Why do you want to do it? You need to re-evaluate if you are only wanting to do it so you can travel and make money- this is no good! You need to have the desire to teach and help people get better. You need to be passionate about your craft and be willing to teach others what you know. You need to have a “servants heart”.

At Hair Love, we are very careful about who we choose for being educators at our retreat.

Step #2: You must be willing to travel.

You have to go to shows, seminars, and other places to teach, and travel… A LOT. This isn’t always glamorous! Traveling is great because it allows you to get out of your box, and meet new people, and learn so many more things.

It’s also important that you learn how to schedule, and manage travel expenses. You also need to remember that when you are traveling, you are expected to bring all of your products- hair color, bleach, etc. We had to create systems for how to bring everything.


She specializes in natural color, so she created all of her curriculum based off of things like smudge + tone, balayage, etc. She came out with basic ways to make a huge difference for her clients.

She started gaining a following, so she decided to start a manual with some education- both on hair and business.

When she first started out she only had a blog- no website. As she began teaching, she had people around the entire nation ask her to come teach her hair painting. She had to figure out the finances, products, manuals, run the website, and all of the things.

Some things worked, some things were terrible, but Elizabeth realized she had to keep working. She took the time to figure out things the hard way.

She was on the rode for 4 years until 2018.


1. Work for a company you love

2. Be relatable with people

3. Evaluate what you are willing to sacrifice and do- and reach out to those that you can get on your team!

Always remember, do what it is you think you are called to do!


Elizabeth was teaching a class in San Francisco, and their flight ends up getting delayed and they realize they aren’t going to make it in time for the class! The airline told them that they couldn’t get them their bags, and .they decided they were going to have to drive. At the airport, they meet a couple they have NEVER talked to before, and they decided to share a car and drive there. The guy that drove had tourettes and he was not watching the road, and it was a super scary experience!!

Luckily, all of their stuff had gotten into the airport and they were able to teach and everything went ok!

Always remember, you can accomplish anything you want to accomplish!!

Have a beautiful day!!

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