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What Is Parts + Labor?

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Welcome back babes to the second part of our Salon Scale blog series! And you are about to get coached!!

(You can read the first part HERE to learn about what Salon Scale is and how to use it).

We are going to dive head first into the #perfectpricingmethod, and we’re going to get started with separating parts and labor. First things first, what do those things even mean?!

We’re going to show you exactly what they are, so get ready to change the way that you view pricing forever loves!

What Is Parts + Labor?

First, we want to take some time and really look at the words parts and labor and what they do to our pricing.

So let’s talk about parts. What is actual parts?

Parts are all the chemicals, all the foils and anything that costs you money to do your job. That is a part.

And the labor is all the time, energy, and talent that goes into servicing that guest. So when you look at it as a whole, we’ve got two parts that equal a price.

You have your part and you have your labor, which equals your price. When we look at the industry, we are missing one puzzle piece= parts. How do we exactly calculate it?

Luckily, we now have Salon Scale, to tell you the exact cost of hair color!

How Does Salon Scale Help with Parts?

SalonScale created an app that measures the cost of your product in real-time! It’s called the #perfectpricingmethod. That’s right.. you measure your color on their bluetooth scale, and it sends the information directly to the app on your phone, and BAM! You know exactly what you should be charging your clients!⁠

With Salon Scale, you can now precisely calculate the parts, in parts and labor, and know that every single time you’re charging, you’re going to make a profit. And what we recommend is that when you think about those parts, we want to make sure we add a margin on the hair color.

So whether you mark it up 100% or even 50% that markup is going to give you enough money to cover the foils and the extra expenses that come along with hair coloring.

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