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The Real Tea on Curly Textured Hair

This article was written by the amazing Danielle Green!

Curly headed people all over the world are looking for you. Yes you, a licensed professional, to slay their curls. Not to death and damage but a beautiful healthy slay! There are people with natural curls and textures that are just waiting to be:

embraced by you

celebrated by you

added to your menu

posted on your instagram

welcomed into your salon

The real tea is our industry is just now trying to catch up. But with who?

The curly textured consumer became a researcher and chemist to maintain their healthy hair at home. They own at least 5 styling products plus a clarifier, co-wash, deep conditioner, 3 oils and already know how to use a diffuser. They know what ingredients to look for and what will dry out and prevent their hair from growing long.

They are subscribed to all of the curly newsletters, blogs, facebook groups and at least 1000 Curly YouTube university graduates.

Cosmetology school taught you the basics. We could agree that “they” don’t teach us how to cut, color and style curly textures. But “they” also don’t teach us how to balayage, or do hair extensions in school. What’s holding you back?

Naturally curly hair is just as beautiful of a fabric as naturally straight hair. What if we said that you could use your existing education to grow your business and serve your local curly community? Trust us, they are googling and yelping “curly hair stylists” in your city every day looking for you.

What can or will you do to serve someone with curly texture behind your chair?

Start here; make a decision to be accessible and immerse yourself in all things curly. Research and enroll in education specifically for curly textures. Visit Target and Sally’s and look at the textured hair care isle then go to your local distributor and compare.

Heads up it ain’t pretty.

In fact, it’s shameful that our industry is still struggling to keep up with the amount of products that are currently available for the curly textured consumer vs. a licensed professional.

There are “brands” that have signature education, cuts, and products to support. Be wise in your selection and remember that 1 brand cannot meet the needs of everyone so do your homework. Keep an open mind and your heart will be filled with a new experience. You will be surprised how much you already know and can do.

We empower you to embrace your curly hair community and we challenge you to learn something new every day. Become inspired and share your story with us and get ready for the abundant growth you will receive personally and professionally.

With radical love,

Danielle Green

Radically Curly

About Danielle

Danielle Green founder of Radically Curly® has more than 20 years in the beauty industry. She is an insightful educator who embodies knowledge and is forever learning.   

Education and trust are the core values of her salon and vision. People will travel from all over the world to have a radical experience by her and her dream team.

She is an advocate for inclusion and representation for people of color in her industry. Particularly as it relates to texture and the absence of education in cosmetology schools. Green uses her voice to empower, educate and lead.

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