Episode 76: How To Scale Your Business with Hair Love. A Success Story with Kylie Borchers


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On today’s episode, Elizabeth gets to chat with Kylie Borchers. She is SUCH an amazing part of the Hair Love Community. She attended both our retreat, and has participated in The Workshop in a Box. She is freaking AMAZING! They talk about overcoming fear, how to make bold moves, and how to inspire others as an entrepreneur!


Kylie is currently living in Colorado. She has recently opened up a new salon.

Kylie’s advice when it comes to stepping into an entrepreneur role is to focus on building relationships! Whether it’s with the people behind your chair, or those in your local community, relationships are SO important. Kylie focuses on reaching out to people and companies who align with her brand. She’ll start out with giving them instagram shout outs, and then from there she continues to visit business, and then when events come up, they are so much more likely to want to work together because they have seen you in their stores and online and have already started developing your relationship!

DON’T MAKE INSTAGRAM A RULE, MAKE IT AN ART PROJECT! Stop making rules and expectations. If you want to give someone a shout out, then do it! Don’t worry about it being reciprocated. Just do what you love and what aligns with you!


Kylie said that she had no idea what was going to happen with Hair Love. Kylie had lost her job, and was 6 years into the industry, and needed some help with direction! She first found The Workshop in a Box, and from there, niched down with Hair Painting. Each time she took a new class or tried something new, she gave it 3 months to change her life, and it DID!!

Once Hair Love was announced, Kylie started DMing people from the Hair Love Facebook group, and started reaching out before the event! So many were flying solo and having the same problems and she had no idea how it was going to go! She said that she remembered leaving and having such intense emotions. She had met so many amazing people that she still keeps in contact with them.

The best part about the event is leaving and then having such an amazing community. Whenever you have a problem or need some help, you can talk to anyone and they can give you advice! The people that go to these events are SO smart, and literally the best community in the world.


Kylie says that both are so amazing. You just need to get real with yourself and write your goals down and figure out what you are missing in your business. What are the things that you need to improve on? Is it hair education? The business side?

When Kylie was looking for the retreat, she was googling so many things, and realized she really just wanted a mentor. She needed some support and relationships.

The retreat is for 1 of 2 people. The first is for people who are doing well, but need to mastermind with other people. They need some hair and business education, and need some networking in their life. OR if they just need something to help them from feeling burned out!! If they need a breath of fresh air into their business, the retreat is for them!

The Workshop in a Box is more for those who are looking for a coach. It has structure and procedures. If you’re in a rut, or looking to level up in your company WIB is perfect for you! If you need to learn how to make more money, Workshop in a Box is for you!! If you’re going to sign up for the program, you need to treat it like school. You’re paying for your education, and it’s important you schedule out your hours that you are working on it and treat it seriously!

If you want to hang out with Kylie, check out her instagram!

Always remember, we HAIR LOVE you!

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