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Our Weekend at Isse 2020!


We recently got back from ISSE 2020, and the 4 day event was insane! We were surrounded with some incredible leaders in the industry, and met so many amazing babes!



We gathered in Long Beach for the opening night at Beacon, and Elizabeth Faye was the Keynote speaker for the night!

Her speech was centered around the word ‘PIVOT’! Her inspiration came from the friends’ episode where Chandler and Rachel are helping Ross move the bed up the stairs… You know the one. As they are trying to maneuver the bed around the tight space, Ross constantly reminds his friends to continue turning the bed by yelling ‘PIVOT’ every second.

Elizabeth relates this example to the hairstylist’s careers, and how in order for them to succeed in life, they must be willing to PIVOT! Whether it’s in their jobs, their personal lives, or whatever happens to come up on the daily, they need to realize that their ability to adapt and change and compromise will contribute to their ultimate success.

Each of the attendees got the CUTEST PIVOT pins. Are we all OBSESSED??

Elizabeth and Schedulicity were able to give out five $500 scholarships to the eager Beacon students, and that was a moment we will never forget! We are so excited for the up and coming hairstylists and know that they are going to kill it in their careers!


Saturday’s are for social media! Elizabeth and Olivia Smalley aka OMG Artistry rocked the house with their class on Saturday. The class was packed with standing room only, as over 160 people learned all about Elizabeth’s and Olivia’s tricks to make it big on Instagram!

The attendees left with the MOST amazing swag bag! Thank you so much to all of our favorite brands for making these bags to die for! Big thank you to Redken, Framar, Schedulicity, and Alterna for all the goodies!

Elizabeth talked about the importance of branding how to find your voice on social media and in your business! Elizabeth teaches a class called “Joy Driven Branding” where she helps anyone that wants to develop their brand, and have fun doing it!

Her advice before you get into branding, is to get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your brand! Ask yourself questions like…

  • Is it my passion?

  • Does it bring me joy?

  • Does it move the needle in my business?

Once you answer these questions, it’s time to get to the DETAILS! Always remember:

  • Be consistent with your language

  • Stay true to your joy!

After Elizabeth rocked the stage, Olivia took over to talk all about social media! She had some amazing insights for the audience on how to kill it on instagram. Here are a few of her HOT TIPS!

Do the following to get the PERFCT picture or video:

  • Shoot pics in CORNERS. The lighting is the best there!

  • If you’re wanting to post a side-by-side pic, DO IT! Just avoid posting them back-to-back. You want to think about how your feed looks overall! If you have too many of these posts, your feed will look busy and overwhelming.

  • CLICK BAIT IS YOUR FRIEND! Add text to your pics, use an interesting cover photo for videos, think about what pictures will get your audience to click on it!

  • Post pics of yourself! When potential clients are looking for a hairstylist, they want to see who you are! Make sure to include some lifestyle photos of yourself!

Before you post on social media, go through this checklist:


  • Is it EDUCATING?


  • Does it ask a QUESTION?

  • Are you using HASHTAGS?

This list can help you determine what goal you are trying to achieve with each post, and helps you to make sure that each post is adding value to your audience!

The class ended with a panel of 7 amazing women. Olivia Smalley, Missy Megginson, Jenny Strebe, Alison Hammed, Keya Neal, Alicia Soulier, and Elizabeth Faye took the stage and answered questions!

IMG_2387 (1).jpg

The fun kept going Saturday, as we partied with the NAHA attendees and finalists on the Red Carpet! Hair Love Radio interviewed nominees and other incredible people in the industry, and then attended the awards! Congratulations to all those that were nominated and won!



Sunday morning was spent hair prepping with Redken, and then we spent the afternoon podcasting with Hairbrained!


It was finally time to GET LIT With Cassandra McGlaughlin. We spent the day teaching the students how to hair paint,
smudge + tone, rock their social media game, and restructure their pricing!

We used our favorite Redken products to teach the attendees the proper technique for hair painting, and how to use
smudge + tone to finish the look!

We finished the class with a discussion on PRICING! It’s time that hairstylists go HOURLY!! Elizabeth is on a mission to teach stylists how to figure out their hourly rate and start making the money they deserve! Once they find their hourly rate, they find out their product costs, and BAM! That is what they should be charging their clients! It’s as simple as that. Too often, stylists are undercharging, because they didn’t take into account the amount of product they used, or they have no idea! That’s where SalonScale comes in. SalonScale is changing the game when it comes to charging for product. They have created an app that uses their bluetooth scale to measure your color costs and tells you in real time exactly how much you should charge your client!

Click here if you want the FREE breakdown of how to go hourly!

We hope that every attendee left the class feeling refreshed and ready to up their color game! And as a BONUS had some new ideas on how to run their social media and change their pricing structure!

We ended the trip with a Hair Love Tribe meetup at the 908! It’s so fun hanging out with our tribe everywhere we go!

It was such a good weekend. We left feeling so inspired! We know the industry is in good hands, because of all of the motivated students at Beacon, and all of the events at ISSE reminded us of the love and support that each hair professional offers!

Until next year!