Episode 100: How to Hire an Assistant and Get the Right Help to Grow Your Business

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On today’s episode, Elizabeth is starting a new series focused on finding the RIGHT help that allows you to chase your dreams and have someone by your side! You can’t do it all without a bad ass team!

Before you hire help in your business, you must first STABILIZE YOUR BUSINESS! There can be a lot of kinks in small businesses, and it’s crucial that you work those out. One resource is The Perfect Pricing Method. This will help you understand your costs and what you should be charging. If you hire an assistant before you’re ready, it will be messy and complicated and you can end up losing money.

After you get your finances figured out, it’s time to start looking for good help. Elizabeth believes that you can train skill, but you cannot train personality. Look for someone who is kind, teachable and committed to the vision of your company. It’s important that they love education and learning! Most importantly you need to get along with them!! Start with their job description and what you want them to do. As an assistant, you want them to make your life EASIER, keep things clean and orderly, and ultimately increase the customer experience. All of this is YOUR job to figure out, not theirs. Their job is to execute the skill.

Elizabeth recommends to put out a job description and then have people send in a resume. Then, if you like the resume and it looks like a good fit and you have a good feeling about them, move into an in person interview. In this interview, ask scenario based questions that happen in your day to day.

If they make it past the interview, do a shadow day! Bring them into the salon and see how they are in your environment and so you can see how they interact with your team and stressful situations.

If you decide to hire them, start out with a trial run. They will be getting paid, and then it’s your job to educate and then for them to work hard and prove that they are worth it.


The first 3-4 weeks is all about SALON VISION. Teaching them everything about your salon. Where everything is, what is common knowledge, when should they be there, how your tray is set up, basically all the details that they need to know to make your life easier.

From there, you move into more technical skills like marketing.

Make sure you remain patient through this entire process! And remember.. Hire SLOW, and fire FAST.

Good luck finding the right assistants!

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