Episode 124: How to PIVOT!

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Elizabeth is back and she’s talking all about PIVOTING!

She gets a lot of messages after people hear her Keynote and when she talks about it online because they want to know HOW! They think it’s too hard, and don’t know where to start.

2020 has thrown everyone for a loop, and it has been the year of PIVOTS! We had the choice this year to wallow in the corner in cry OR you can PIVOT!

You have the opportunity to choose how to react to crappy scenarios. You get to choose where you put your energy, and how you show up for yourself and those around you!

If you are committed to a bright future, Elizabeth is going to tell you exactly how to PIVOT!

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Your mindset going through hard things is going to be the MOST important thing you can control. Self-care, rest, positive thinking, the person you speak to, etc. is SO crucial. You need to brainwash yourself about HOW AWESOME YOU ARE!! You already are, you just have to start believing it yourself!

When you’re in the middle of a shit show, focus on the end result. What are you big dreams and goals? FOCUS ON THAT! One of the most important parts of manifestation is getting excited about it!

#3 CREATE A SOLUTION BASED PLAN (Most important!!!)
You have to make sure that you are in the right mindset to do this! If you have skipped steps 1 and 2, step 3 can’t work! If you skipped them, you’re likely making an end of the world, worst case scenario plan, and we are NOT doing that!

A solution based plan is one you want to make work! You’re eliminating your options, so success is inevitable!

Here are the questions to ask yourself:

  • To do this, what do I need to access?

    • Write down everything that goes into the end result. What resources, education, finances, etc. do you need to make this happen?

  • What resources do I currently have?

    • This is a form of gratitude! Think about all of the things you have. “I have a business coach.” “I am scrappy.” “I have a safe roof over my head”

    • When you do this, you’ll realize how many things you really have!

  • What do you NOT have that you currently need.

    • This list is going to be so much smaller!

  • How do I acquire all of the things I need?

All of these questions are FORWARD thinking, instead of SPIRALING!! Spiraling looks a lot like anxiety, and we are going to stay away from there!

From here, you can look back on all of the little or big things in your life that you have already overcome and showed you who you are and how STRONG you are!

Last, make a timeline with tangible benchmarks! From there, you reverse engineer so that you have small goals that are tracking your success.

Put these goals EVERYWHERE! Put them in your planner, in your phone, hang them up, wherever you will see them!

Very last, ASSIGN ROLES! If you need help, ask for it!!

You’re a dreamer and a high performer and you deserve a big beautiful life!! You have all the power that you need. This strategy works.

I hope you can PIVOT the rest of this year.

I Hair Love You!!!