Episode 126: Food is Fuel with Ashley Mauriello

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Elizabeth has Ashley Mauriello on the podcast this week to talk all about wellness and finding balance in your life!

Ashley is a Redken artist, Sam Villa’s Manager for special events, helps incredible people behind the scenes like Ruth Roche, AND she is a mother! She just had a brand new baby!

Most of us are very busy and wear multiple hats! You’re serving people and taking care of people every day, and what would your life look like if you had more well being? What about balance? How would you feel if you were able to manage your anxiety through fitness and the things you eat?


Ashely went to school for Integrated Nutrition. Ashley had really bad skin and anxiety growing up and challenged her as a teenager. She started to workout and eat salads and began loosing weight, and realized that she wanted to be the best her!

As she moved into college, she became more interested in wellness and living the best life! Integrated Nutrition teaches you about every. single. diet. and you get to choose your own approach.

She started journaling. She would eat something and then take notes 2 hours after eating and she did it for an entire year. She was then able to decide what foods were right for her.


Ashley believes in 3 types of energies.

The vata, the pipha, and the kapha.

The vata is energy of movement.
-This is vital to your health! These people are quick minded, alert, active, and restless. These people can become anxious and nervous.

Once you realize if you are this type of energy, you began to understand what type of foods to eat. These people need warm foods. They need something comforting.

These people also need to find things to combat their anxiety and bring comfort.

They want to stay away from really cold drinks and starchy vegetables. That will help with achey joints!

The pipha is the energy of digestion.

The Kapha is the energy of your structure.

Everyone has this, and one is very dominant and one is less dominant.

Ashely believes that everything we do relates to energy. If you’re not balanced, you will feel that something is off.

With these energies, you can evolve and change to which one is dominant throughout your life.

Once you understand yourself, you can then begin intuitive eating.


When people are trying to lose weight, they often times think they have to change their ENTIRE LIFE. Instead of thinking like this, change your mind to begin celebrating the little things.

If you have big dreams, and wear a lot of hats, WHY do you have to be healthy? Why is that a non-negotiable?

Start paying attention to not only what you are eating, but what you are saying and doing and thinking.

When you continuously do things and eat things that are bad for your body, it sends triggers to your brain. You are putting toxicity to your body and that’s not treating yourself nicely.



TIP #1: Wake up in the morning and decide if today is the day you are better to yourself!

TIP #2: Think of food as fuel, and not just food. (Listen to Elizabeth’s podcast episode about body dysmorphia here.)

TIP #3: Remember that diet is not a one size fits all!!

Thanks for hanging out with us today!