Episode 137: Which Retreat is Perfect for Me? (Tulum Retreat Recap!)

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This episode is all about our Tulum Retreat that we just got back from a couple of weeks ago. She has Mazie with her this week. Mazie is the Director of Events and does all of the behind the scene work to make the events magical.


In the Hair Love Community, there are all different types of education and retreats to attend!

We are known for our big retreat, Hair Love Retreat that is held in Zion every year. We have other smaller events that are focused on business and healing.

We have a retreat happening March 4-8th called Love Retreat and this is completely for healing. Mazie and Elizabeth has found the impact that getting their soul and minds right affect every other part of your life.

The Love Retreat is all solely wellness and a spiritual retreat.

Hair Love Retreat is our biggest event of the year. This event is for the hairdresser that needs continued education and wants to be better in their craft. They also are the hairdresser that is looking to grow their network and join an amazing community.

International Retreats. These are for the babes that want to travel the world and want someone else to plan an amazing once in a lifetime experience. This is both business and play. We have workshops to work on your business, and activities to work on your self.

Masterminds. This is for Elizabeth’s High Powered program. This is for those babes that have gone through the Workshop in a Box and or Education Foundations and they are multi-faceted stylists and own salons, and other businesses and need a business coach!

This program is a year long commitment that includes:

1 on 1 coaching with Elizabeth
Group calls
Master classes
Access to WIB

These women need to find flow, peace, sisterhood, balance, and just want to live a happier and healthier life.

We went to Tulum this year for the babes in this group! This was completely a spirituality retreat. The entire year is business coaching, but this week is based completely off of wellness.

We were in the biosphere of Tulum. We were on our own private beach that had a house and beautiful glamping tents. We had a private chef that made incredibly amazing and healthy meals.

It was an amazing sacred and beautiful land.

Our motto for these retreats are “Escape to Learn”. We wanted everyone to rewrite their stories and step into their new higher way of being!

We were SO excited to get back into events since COVID made events impossible. 2020 was very hard for Hair Love, but we pivoted and came out on top and we are SO ready to keep moving fowrard in 2021 and HOST AMAZING EVENTS!


Our goal is to make sure you feel as normal as possible, but also as safe as possible. So our goal when planning events is finding that middle ground.

Everyone came home from our event Covid free! YAY!

As of right now, to come back into the US you have to have a negative Covid test.

We made sure that before everyone could come they would need a negative covid test no more than 3 days before leaving, and then they would get tested before we left Mexico to make sure that everyone was going home negative as well.

Once they arrived in Mexico, we got everyone private shuttles so they wouldn’t have to worry about that aspect. In the shuttles and the venue, we all could be without our masks because we had all been tested.

Once we got there it felt like another world. It was the first time in almost a year, that we hadn’t had to think about Covid and masks and being worried. It felt like real life!!!

We went into one day, and rented a private catamaran, so again.. everyone could feel comfortable and safe.

Everything was private and kept everyone safe and Covid free!

We made sure we were over the top careful because we wanted everyone to be able to go home to their family and work life.

We had also planned out that if someone did happen to get Covid before the event, they could transfer their ticket to another event.


It was so amazing to watch the women come in one person and leave a different human. Their energy and bonds between each other were night and day different.

Many of the women in this group had never met face to face and there were a lot of hesitations at the beginning, and then by the end they were in tears having to leave each other.

During the retreat, we did a lot of workshops that focused on releasing and cleansing and we wanted everyone to be healthy from the inside out. All of our meals were vegan and beautiful.

There were so many special moments during the retreat. The first days were all about letting down your guard and being vulnerable.

We had a shaman come and we participated in a Temescal ceremony. It is similar to a sweat lodge. We started with a ceremony around the fire, and were led into the Temescal. This was a very spiritual experience!

We also had a kundalini yoga session and did more workshops to let go of our limiting beliefs and step into our high power.

Our third day was all about your High power is FUN and we explored the town and went on the yacht!

Our last day, we let go of everything. We thanked our limiting belief for protecting us and then assigned it a new job, and then we went to the beach and cross a line to show we were never going back!

Then we finished with a Maya Clay Cleanse. It was all about getting out of your old skin and coming into our new skin.

We finished with an amazing dinner and time around the fire sharing our love for each other.

All of our retreats and coaching programs are life changing we want to make sure you are in the right now! We can promise that every person that comes home has TRANSFORMED!