EPISODE #7: Life Is Worth Living

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Get ready for KL Christoffersen to drop some beautiful wisdom in this week’s episode!

KL (also known on IG as mermicornhair) is widely known for her hair coloring techniques, but also teaches workshops and owns an amazing salon. In this episode KL and Elizabeth chat about everything from their experience at Hair Love Retreat, KL’s success on Instagram, to her personal health and life journey.

Going Viral

KL started out with 400 instagram followers and then her unique hair coloring techniques got picked up by Buzzfeed. She recounts the crazy experience of watching her follower count skyrocket and shares the challenges and introspection that accompanies having a large audience at your fingertips.

KL and Elizabeth talk about the importance of finding an intention for getting personal with your audience.

Balance Is A Myth

“Everyone is just figuring it out as they go… it’s not as much about balance as it is about finding a flow.” -KL

Elizabeth and KL muse on how balance doesn’t actually exist, and life is more about making sacrifices and deciding where to spend your time and focus.

A Life-Altering Era

In 2016, KL was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme Disease. Although she was initially relieved to have the diagnosis to explain why she was in pain, she realized that treating Lyme would be a long journey.

During this time, she discovered that her husband of six months was having multiple affairs, enabled by social media. Deciding to take a step back from being regularly active on social media, she chose to reconnect on a personal level with her clients. Learning how to relate intimately with her clients helped KL start to rebuild. When it seemed like her marriage and life was unraveling, human connection became more important than ever.

“I had to re-find myself in a way that I never expected at 32 years old. I had to figure out what my life was going to look like.” -KL

Now that she understands more about her illness she has the knowledge and power to share what she is (and has) gone through.

Failure is a hard thing to talk about

KL gives excellent advice about how to use connection and empathy when talking to friends or clients about their struggles. She suggests that instead of saying sorry, acknowledge that what they are going through sucks and that they aren’t alone or judged.

“Going through pain makes us stronger, but not right away” -KL

Reflecting on her journey, KL reminds us that it’s OK to not have it all together and you don’t always need to put on a “strong” face when things are hard. The process of mourning a relationship, healing, and getting to know yourself again sometimes means spending time alone.

Ask Yourself – How Am I Going To Live Today?

KL recounts the mental steps she took to move from struggle to survival. But once she was surviving, she wanted to figure out how to push past just being stuck in survival mode.

Many of us are stuck in survival mode – checking the clock, getting through the next client in your chair, and catching up on everyone’s Instagram stories. Just going through the motions makes us forget to actually live.

After facing many of her fears, KL shares that her re-awakening began once she started to ask herself, “what can I do for myself today that is going to make my life better?”

Practicing mindfulness during walks, putting herself out of her comfort zone, choosing to FaceTime people instead of texting, has helped her stop just going through the motions and become intentional about living again.

There Is No Life Without Pain, and That’s OK

“Even in the most amazing moments, there is always pain there… and that’s ok. Pain doesn’t have to be this thing that we hate and are angry about. Pain is a part of life, and it’s something we can learn to respect.” -KL

In an era where we constantly see other people’s happiest moments, whether it’s on social media or in a commercial, KL shares how pain and struggle is part of it all – and that accepting it can help us grow.

“I have grown the most in the times I was hurting the most.” -KL

Hair Love Retreat

KL says Hair Love Retreat 2018 reminded her to give herself grace and confidence, and start taking her treatment seriously.

“It renewed something inside me. It made me realize how many like-minded women and men are in our industry… the connection Hair Love Retreat provided was amazing.” -KL

Remembering her experience, KL says she could see people growing in their own confidence, and the retreat provided her a light-filled weekend just when she needed it most.

Huge thank you to KL for sharing her moving story and profound wisdom with us and the Hair Love tribe!!! <3 You can follow KL on Instagram here. Did you LOVE this episode or what? Be sure to leave a review for Hair Love Radio on iTunes here!

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