EPISODE #9: The Hair Hero with Cassandra McGlaughlin

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As an educator, you are a servant to your students – and few people embody that idea quite as well as Redken ambassador, former salon owner, and educator, Cassandra McGlaughlin. In this episode, Elizabeth and Cassandra chat about the emerging trend of collaboration in the hair industry, creating a new meaning for the word “influencer”, and Cassandra’s unique approach to education.

Cassandra uses a unique approach to education, founded on a conversation-driven and Q&A-based format. She says this provides a higher level of value for very student that takes her classes. An audience-driven class is totally customized to what the students in the class want to hear.

A rising tide lifts all ships

Cassandra was one of the first in the industry to share full color breakdowns, and shares her philosophy on why abandoning the old ideas of competition and secrecy for a collaborative atmosphere is good for everyone. Not operating from a mindset of scarcity empowers people to go out and make good decisions and help each other. From brands, to manufacturers, to stylists, they talk about the emerging collective mindset of “we’re all in this together”.

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Learn more about her Hair Brained class here.

Color Correction Conversations with Cassandra are coming your way soon! If you have a question to ask Cassandra, leave them in the comments here or email it to info@heyelizabethfaye.com.