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Imagine if you could capture the feeling of enjoying some cold brew coffee in a hairstyle? Well, we have good news for you – you CAN. The #coldbrewhair trend has been swirling around Instagram for months. We are in LOVE with this yummy, beautiful look and wanted to share all about it! And, because we love our Hair Love Tribe so much, we even put together a formula breakdown you can download for FREE if you keep reading.

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To give you all the deets about cold brew hair, we interviewed New York City colorist Stephanie Brown, who is responsible for coining the term “cold brew hair”, to share all about the trend and her journey to becoming a stylist. We also enlisted the help of one of our favorite boss babes, Michelle Zeller(@mane_ivy), to lend her expertise on how to get this look for your brunette babe clients.


“Cold brew is for brunettes and has ribbons or swirls of neutral and golden tones – just like when you pour a little bit of milk into your coffee.” -Stephanie Brown

Since the cold brew look is inspired by coffee, this hair color is usually reserved for brunettes. Stephanie says that she gets lots of requests for this at the salon because it is easy and low maintenance.

“I find that most brunettes like more neutral tones because they are afraid of their hair looking red or orange,” Stephanie said. “Having the two colors in their hair balances that for them. It’s an ombré, it’s usually just a few pieces not too many so you can see the color stand out instead of a heavy ombré.”

Here are some examples of cold brew hair that Stephanie has created for her clients:

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 2.56.09 PM.png

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Michelle gave us an excellent example of how to achieve a cold brew look for your client.

Michelle says: I like to work on a diagonal with the foil placement so it is a softer outcome but splashes a board. Again I used Framar meche for the low lights  and my favorite Cosco foils for the late for long hair to do the highlights. I love using GI and V to tone out brassy highlights for brunettes because it fills allowing the violet to work to cancel out brassiness so it doesn’t get dull and also adds a glow because of the gold iridescent yellow.

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Stephanie Brown is a talented colorist in NYC, but actually started her career as an artist at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Not knowing what she wanted to do after school, she began looking for jobs that offered the freedom of making your own schedule that would satisfy her creativity.

Understanding that she wouldn’t have done well at a desk job, Stephanie decided to try hair, which led her to fall in love with color. “I think it was a natural progression for me considering I studied painting and how to mix color to get exactly the shade you want,” she said.

“This career allows me to create different looks for many different people, and it’s a great feeling when someone leaves your chair happy with the work I just did on their hair.” -Stephanie

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