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In this episode, Elizabeth interviews entrepreneur and salon owner, Lo Wheeler, on what it’s like to be in business with her husband. Both Elizabeth and Lo work closely with their significant others on their business, and they discuss how navigating uncharted waters in entrepreneurship with your spouse or partner can be hectic, eye-opening, and rewarding.

Both Elizabeth and Lo agree that being in business with their partners has added another layer to their relationships, and has made it richer, but also more complicated. They both discuss the ongoing challenge of unplugging from the business side of things and taking time to connect as a couple.

“At the end of the day and I’m thinking about all my goals, pursuits, and dreams – he’s right there with me.”

If you’re thinking about going into business with your significant other, Lo recommends thinking about it big picture-style and communicate how the two of you will balance the different parts of your lives. She also recommends establishing some sort of ritual together – to disconnect and connect as a couple.

For creatives and entrepreneurs, it can be easy to let your work totally consume you. Elizabeth and Lo discuss the details of how this has impacted their relationships and how they do their best to stay agile as things grow and evolve every day.

“We’ve been able to support each other to surpass our own abilities than we would have separately.”

Lo and Elizabeth chat about how sacrifice is a key part of achieving great things, and Lo gives excellent advice about starting each day as a new day with new focus and goals. If connecting with family is the goal that’s fine, if it’s answering emails, that’s fine too. If you want to do both, she recommends sticking to a schedule.

“If you are too soft on yourself, things just don’t happen because life gets in the way.”

Lo says that she is still learning how to balance being married to her business partner, and she says her current goals are to stay present, improve the quality of today, and set boundaries and goals for family life today.

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