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How To Write Killer Thank You Notes for Clients


Preface by Missy Megginson, @soyoureahairstylist.

Let’s be real. The holidays are a blur for hairstylists. Really, they are a blur for anyone in the retail or service industry.

I don’t know about you, but I always get a little squirmy when my clients give me gifts! I always have! Something about it has always made me feel unsettled. Most likely it’s because I really try to make their whole experience be about them and not about me, so a gift to me just feels contradictory to that.

I was doing some thinking about what I could do for my clients this year, to turn the focus back on them during the holidays. I know some salons, and probably some of you, already have amazing programs and incentives around this time to treat your guests. But, what if you are an independent like me? Or, what if you are part of a bigger salon, but want to do something directly from you?

Most of the brands make super cute little holiday minis that would be a huge hit! But, I still felt like I wanted more.

So, here’s my idea…

This year I am going to write all of my clients thank you cards for Christmas. Not anything super long ‘cause we all know nobody has time for that! Just a simple thank you note directly to them for being my client and how grateful I am for them…even the ones who might make me sweat a little, yes we are thankful for them too! A note doesn’t cost much in terms of dollars, but I really think the response will be greater than a tangible object.

What do you think? Do you want to have a virtual writing party with me? (not really but that would be fun, I’m picturing pjs, slippers, candles and of course coffee) Let’s show our clients how much we appreciate them during this wonderful and caffeinated (to function) time of year!

How To Write a Perfect Client Thank You Note

Be detailed

To make your client feel extra appreciated, be sure to write out their name (and make sure it’s spelled correctly). Share details about why enjoyed your experience with this customer … this is the perfect opportunity to get specific and thoughtful.


Use a notecard or stationary that reflects your brand. Is your salon super floral or is it boho, desert-themed? Find a stationary that matches your branding! Amazon has some great options that we’ve linked below.

Make it look good

No excuses for sloppy handwriting. Take the time to make sure it looks clean, cute, and professional!

Be sincere.

Don’t include anything that is too promotional or business-y. Make it an authentic, from the heart thank you. This is all about showing your client you care about them.

Go the extra mile for special clients

Do include something a little extra if the client is one you definitely want to keep coming around. Good little extras can be books, stickers, a t-shirt, or holiday-themed cookies.

Sign it with love

Repeat your thanks, and then before signing your name include something warm (like Best, Yours Truly, Kindest Regards, Warm Regards, Cheers) and then sign your name.

Need some cute thank you cards? See our picks from Amazon:

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