“Yule be Cozy” especially listening to “Not Your Grandma’s Holiday Album”

Okay babes, we have held off posting these goodies as long as we could POSSIBLY could, but guess what? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! We have some wonderful soundtracks for your seasons. Whether you are cozying up with your family (or your partner’s family, tbh sorry about that) or you are mingling with all the best of crews, we have a playlist that will bring you the goodest tidings of the greatest joys! (yes, we know “goodest” isn’t a word BUT we were trying to send a message, so give us a break)

Let us know what you think and let us know what playlists you are wanting to hear from us!

We love you all and hope your holidays are safe, fun, merry, and lit.


Your FESTIVE AF Hair Love fam