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One of the major keys to attracting your dream clients is authentic branding.

We live in this amazing age where people can brand their own personas. We go over how to do this in detail in Workshop in a Box, but in this episode Elizabeth offers some amazing ideas on how to start building a badass brand.

Branding is so much more than having a logo, fonts and a color scheme. A brand is a personification of your company. It’s going to have a voice, it’s going to have personality traits, a look, and a vibe.

So, how do you build a badass, authentic brand? Take a look in the mirror! Ask your friends! What about YOU attracts people? Once you have some of those elements nailed down, you don’t need to worry about mimicking or getting inspired by other brands. You can start growing it  from inside yourself. And guess what? Your brand will be totally, and authentically YOU!

If you’re interested in getting serious about building a badass brand, you NEED to check out Workshop in a Box, which is a 12-month coaching program led by Elizabeth Faye. You get so many amazing things when you join the incredibly supportive tribe of hairstylists in the program, and you can learn all about it here. Enrollment is only open until December 8th, so don’t sleep on this program!

Learn more about Workshop In A Box.

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