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“Opting out” is kind of like spring cleaning for your soul.

All of us have so many expectations placed on us by society that don’t ACTUALLY serve us. Opting out is an intentional decision to not spend any more time, money, energy on a certain thing, activity, or mindset.

In this episodes, Elizabeth shares some examples of things she is opting out of for 2019, and things get REAL. She also shares how she is going to rewrite the story she’s telling herself about WHY she is choosing to opt out.

The only way to get your focus and creative energy flowing is to de-clutter your mind and your life. What is cluttering your life? What media are you consuming that makes you feel less confident? Don’t you think it’s time to let it go?

One thing Elizabeth recommends opting out of is the comparison game. Stop giving your energy to being obsessed about what similar businesses or even competitors are doing. Pay attention to whatever is taking confidence and focus away from your creative process. This is a boundary you can set for yourself – and you’ll be so much better for it!

It’s important to ask WHY. The only way we can learn more about ourselves and actually stick with our boundaries is understanding the underlying reasons we are choosing to opt out of certain things. Do you feel like your time and talents are better spent elsewhere? Awesome. That’s a great reason.

It’s normal to feel a little guilt of opting out, which is why rewriting your story is so crucial. Are you guilty about not wanting to cook at home? Why? Once you identify why you are feeling guilt over opting out, you can replace the negative self-talk with positive self-talk.

So, in 2019, let’s all make a goal to take inventory of our metaphorical spaces, identify the clutter, and get that shit out!

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