EPISODE #22: The grass isn’t greener, it’s filtered.


Shelley is a Las Vegas native working at Square Atelier salon, and has been doing hair for over 15 years. In the social media world she is well known for her pastel creations, and is an educator at Hair Love Retreat. In this episode, Shelley and Elizabeth discuss what it’s like raising businesses AND babies – the challenges, the triumphs, and how to keep their children and dreams alive.

“The grass isn’t greener, it just has a filter on it.”

Shelley talks about how much more there is to a life than what is portrayed on Instagram – even on her own page. Of course, the hair models, travel, and cute pastel colors are Shelley’s brand, but she is also is a mother to three kids, has a husband, and two dogs. She and Elizabeth get into the nitty gritty of what her schedule looks like, and how she is able to accommodate her hairstylist life and personal life so well.

Finding a flow with kids and career

When it comes to raising kids and managing the career, Shelley and her husband divide and conquer. Shelley says that her husband is her best friend. When her pastel hair looks went viral on Instagram, he was nothing but supportive and told her to go for it. Both Elizabeth and Shelley talk about how important it is to not go at it alone, and to surround yourself with a support network that believes in your vision.

Shelley says that if you are convinced there is such thing as balance, you’ll never feel like you’re getting there.

“You have to be OK with not being perfect all the time.”

In a lot of ways, Shelley feels like her kids have a lot to do with the amount of success she’s been able to have. They taught her to live off of less sleep, and they drive her to be better and work harder. Shelley says the dreaded mom guilt is always there, but says acknowledging it and embracing the good moments and parent pride can make it all worth it and encourage her to keep going. She says that taking the time to take care of yourself and treat yourself to personal time and continued education actually teaches your kids about the importance of self-care and sacrifice.

The Law of Attraction and Instagram

Shelley says that when it comes to Instagram, post what you love and what you are interested in. There is so much about hair and fashion that Shelley loves, and she makes sure that she is posting the things that represent what she is inspired by and loves working on.

The big takeaway is to do the tightrope walk between paying attention to what your followers appreciate while staying true to who you are as an individual. If you’re interested in growing your following, continue sharing what you love and others will be drawn to it.

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