This episode is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge from social media queen, Olivia Smalley. Olivia is well-known on Instagram for going viral multiple times for different hair color techniques and videos, and is an educator for Hair Love Retreat. From getting intentional about social media, to specific tips about how to get featured by brands, to creating engaging content in 2019, Olivia drops some knowledge about how to make your mark online.

2:22 – Get Happy, Get Snappy

Olivia’s recent Snow Hair feature in Allure Magazine.

Olivia’s water bottle curl video.

8:11 – Importance of Protecting Your Brand

Olivia shares the story that led to her finally getting her name trademarked. As you are spending so much time and energy building your content online, it’s important to protect your brand.

12:15 – Let’s Talk Video

Olivia says that people want to see words coming out of faces in 2019. People want to see your face in the content you are creating. First person perspective, such as Instagram stories, is extremely popular right now. People love watching content that is raw and authentic. This is great news if you’re trying to create more content, because it takes the pressure off when it comes to production quality.

The Algorithm

Video is important because algorithms place more importance on video content. Olivia talks about how the algorithm awards the videos that hold viewers attention for longer.


Social media is changing the way we communicate. When you can share your face and voice online, you are putting your brand out there in a way that can’t be emulated. Once you start sharing more video and communicate clearly and authentically with your audience, your viewers and followers are able to get to know you better.

When you are comparing yourself to others…”we start to emulate somebody else, when we need to start emulating ourselves.”

19:01 Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Elizabeth says that whether you are wanting to have success as a hairdresser or with your online presence, you will make more money and have higher retention if you learn how to communicate well.

21:43 There’s no such thing as an original idea

Olivia agrees with the saying, “There is no such thing as an original thought.” So many people are going to have similar ideas to you and so much content has already been created that at this point it is virtually impossible to come up with something that is 100 percent original. Elizabeth and Olivia talk about how it’s ok to not have totally new ideas all the time as long as you are staying true to yourself and your brand.

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and how you leave others feeling after an experience is your trademark.”

27:13 Getting Featured: It’s About Relationships

Olivia says that there is no point in asking for big pages to feature your work if you aren’t already engaging with that page and forming relationships with the people behind the account. Elizabeth attests to this idea that to go viral (in any part of your life), there is nothing more important than showing support of the people who can help you get to the next level. On the other hand, Olivia talks about how important it is to form connections with the people engaging with you on social media.

34:09 Your Voice Is SO Important

Think about when you are texting the people in your life. So much meaning in the message is lost when it’s only text.

“Text lacks tone.”

Olivia talks about how podcasts, or video content bring an entirely deeper dimension to your brand and content when you can share so many more elements of communication.

36:00 Be Purposeful About Why You’re Online

Olivia says figuring out why you’re using social media is so important. Figuring out exactly what you want and setting proper goals is going set you up for success. We spend so much time online, and that time is wasted unless you have nailed down what your “why” is and are intentional about it.

“You’re either in it for the glory, or you’re really trying.”

47:21 “It’s Not Even About Me”

So many of us are scared of putting ourselves out there because our hair or makeup isn’t on point that day, but Elizabeth talks about how it’s actually selfish to withhold our gifts because we are worried about what people think about us.

Episode #16: Building A Badass Brand

Episode #15: This Year I’m Opting Out

56:50 The Key Takeaways

#1 Execute

Don’t just sit and say you’re going to do something – actually do it.

#2 Make sure you are posting more video

YouTube and Google are very powerful tool. Figure it out. Take advantage of IG rewarding video content

#3 Figure yourself out

Start getting in touch with yourself. Nail down what your personal brand is. Start posting things that represent who you are and what inspires you.

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