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Newsflash: you may find your next mentor when you are least expecting it. In this episode of Hair Love Radio, Elizabeth and Emily Fisher (Hair Love’s director of marketing) have a fun and thoughtful conversation about what authentic leadership looks like, and how a leader doesn’t necessarily have to always be the loudest voice in the room.

2:36 – The Boss Babe Behind the Curtain

A lot goes on behind the scenes at Hair Love HQ. Between preparing podcast episodes, marketing Hair Love events, and helping manage Elizabeth’s coaching program Workshop In A Box, every day offers up exciting new challenges and opportunities for Emily to solve.

4:45 – Elizabeth & Emily’s Crazy Story

Emily and Elizabeth’s paths crossed way back in 2011 when Elizabeth did Emily’s hair for her wedding. After losing touch, their paths serendipitously crossed again at the perfect moment. This story is just a testament to the idea that people are placed in your life for a reason!

10:24 – What It’s Like Being on the Hair Love Team

After jumping from an extremely structured corporate environment to a small, creative team at Hair Love, Emily shares what it’s like to work for Elizabeth and how it helps her do her best work.

12:27 – There Are No Rules for Mentorship

Everyone comes into your life to teach you a lesson. When you are feeling stuck or uninspired, keeping an open mind and heart will help you find your next mentor.

14:02 – A Good Mentor is a Connector

Emily talks about how mentors are often the people who are observant and are matchmakers in a way. Leaders are not always the people on stage, leaders are not always the people in the limelight, leaders are often the silent observers who strategically help their friends and associates find the people who will help them get to the next level.

“Mentors don’t need to be the loudest voice in the room.”

17:09 – A Leader Sees The Good In People

We all build walls to protect ourselves. A good leader has a way of using intuitive x-ray vision to see past that wall and will find that person’s talents, gifts, and needs. Emily says that a good leader helps others see their own light, and gives others permission to change their inner dialogue. Elizabeth and Emily both agree that this starts with being curious and asking questions with a sincere desire to get to know others.

18:41 – Story Time: The Mentor That Changed Her Life

After feeling stuck for a long time in a dead end job and unhealthy relationship, Emily went back to school. After being invited to shadow a class, she met her mentor. She talks about how her mentor helped her start to believe that she was deserving of more, and it reignited her imagination for what was possible.

“A good leader knows how to show people their light.”

Elizabeth says that a leader gives others permission to grow and is supportive when the time comes to make the jump.

27:56 – Where You Find Your Next Mentor Might Surprise You

Emily recommends keeping an open mind when you’re looking for a mentor. With the internet, it’s possible to find the people and ideas that could change your life at the tips of your fingers.

30:30 – Empathize, We’re All Floating In Space

Emily thinks that the key to becoming a better leader and keeping an open mind is through empathy.

David Foster Wallace “This Is Water” Video:

Let’s Wrap It Up

If you take anything away from this episode, here is what to remember:

  1. Everyone can be a mentor. You don’t have to be Oprah to have a positive influence.
  2. A good mentor or leader takes the time and energy to see the good in people, and figure out where people’s talents are needed.
  3. If you feel stuck or feel like you need a mentor in your life, keep an open mind! Try something new, go somewhere new, do something that you’re uncomfortable with.

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