Episode 36: Money Mindset Part Two


We all want to be more productive, have more joy, and experience more abundance in life and business, right?! This is part two of the Money Mindset series, where your host Elizabeth Faye dives deep into the meaningful and technical things you can do to full own and thrive in your money mindset! Money impacts every corner of our lives, and your mindset will impact your success or failure in business.

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2:07 – Going from scarcity to abundance

In part one of this series, we talked about how each of us has a money story. Sit with your story with money. Get comfortable with it.

Tip #1: Activate your senses

For a lot of us, money has become so digital that it can be hard to really get in touch with actual money. In a lot of ways, disconnects us from the actual source.

Because of this, a great way to start improving your money mindset is to get your senses involved with it! This might mean having a crisp $20 in your wallet at all times that you can touch and see regularly. This might mean pinning money to your dream board if you have one. This might mean having a change drawer or a change jar that is visible. This might mean stashing some money in your bra drawer.

If you feel like money is not there for you, you might be out of touch with money. So get in touch with it! Literally.

Tip #2: Have respect for money

When you think about a good relationship, after trust, respect is one of the most important parts! It’s time to start respecting money. This means no more speaking or thinking badly about money! No more talking shit about your bank account, or your skills at balancing your budget!

Another way to start respecting money is to actually treat it well! This means that if it’s in your wallet, your bills are not crumpled and wrinkled – they are nicely organized and clean and crisp. Treat it like something that is special and something that you’re thankful for. Be kind to money, and money will be kind to you!

Tip #3: Don’t give negativity power

Elizabeth remembers a time when she was booth renting where she hardly had enough money to go buy more product. At the time she dreaded walking into Salon Centric and trying to figure out how to make her Shades EQ stretch as far as possible. But now, she realizes that she was only giving her scarcity mindset (at the time) more power.

Try this: Instead of getting grumpy when it comes time to put money into your business – even if money is tight – frame it in a positive way! Express gratitude for the opportunity you have to invest more product, resources, or education into your business. Express gratitude for the clients you have that make it possible for you to do what you love! This shift in your money mindset will go a long way.

Tip #4: Stop thinking of money as a finite resource

Instead of thinking of money as something that is limited, Elizabeth recommends of thinking of it as a flowing energy. Once you think of it as an abundant resource, you’ll be more open and less stressed out, allowing it to flow more freely into your life and business.

“You can still have a budget and feel free because it all starts with your mindset.”

9:39 – Your Challenge

Find ways to celebrate paying your bills. Give yourself a statement like “I am so grateful I’m in business!”. Find a way to make this financial flow your friend.

We create our lives and our reality, and anything can change if we put our minds to it.

You are worthy of all the abundance you seek. You deserve it, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Don’t be afraid of all the good things that come with an abundance. You’ve got this.

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