In this episode Elizabeth shares how to use your platform to not only expand your brand, but start working with brands too! If you are starting at ground zero with growing your audience on social media, Elizabeth shares the basics and super helpful tips on how to get started.

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4:13 – Starting From the Bottom

Build a platform that will eventually become a marketing outlet for your own brand, or other brands. The best part about just starting out is that knowledge is free to share, you can set up a blog or IG account for free, and the only real investment is your time!

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The best way to build an audience is to SERVE.

If you start putting it out there, the people will come. At first, it might feel like you are speaking into a void, but that’s how it begins! It’s never too late to start!

Ultimately, whatever you are sharing or what your goals are, if you want to break into influencing you must give people a reason to follow you!

6:36 – Be An Open Book

A great way to feel stuck and not make progress is to be stingy with your wisdom! Be an open book! Write for other blogs for free. Teach for free. Share your knowledge for free.

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Your goal is to align with people who vibe with you! Find people on Instagram who align with your brand and figure out ways to work with each other and cross-pollinate your audiences.

9:16 – Engage With Brands

Engage with brands that you want to work with, and keep doing it without getting discouraged. Do not approach brands with your hand out asking for things. Just put good vibes out there without expecting anything in return, and you might be surprised of what comes your way.

10:05 – Go To Events IRL

Bond with other people in real life! Networking is SO much more important than people realize. Your community is what makes you successful. The people you hang out with will change your life!

You need a community! You don’t have to start your own, but you can join a community that aligns with who you are and start putting yourself out there! Yes, going to shows and conferences does cost money, but it will be worth the investment.

13:26 – Overnight Success is A Myth!

Organic growth takes time! Don’t get discouraged if your growth is taking longer than you were hoping. Focus on celebrating the little milestones. It takes time, it takes a lot of work, but if you are dedicated to it – go for it!

As always, make sure you have a strong enough why before you dive in! This endeavor takes a lot of energy, education, practice, hard work, and a strong WHY and mission for your brand will make things easier when things feel hard.

Influencing can open doors and create a platform for you to share what you care about. It is a lot of work, but if you feel called to do it, then freaking dive in girl!