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Hair Love Tour Recap: Las Vegas Dream

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They say Las Vegas is the city of lights, but we realized on the night of July 14th is that those lights are actually the bright, powerful boss babes in Vegas!

We had an amazing night in Vegas with the Hair Love Tribe. One of the most amazing salons in town, Square Atilier, graciously hosted us, and every detail of this event was so, so pretty!

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As much as we love hosting Hair Love events in exotic venues around the country, it felt great to be hosting this event at an actual salon. It was magical to see such a beautiful space repurposed and filled to the brim with so many wonderful hairstylists!

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We are especially excited about the swag bags every attendee of our Hair Love Radio tour comes home with – probably our favorite collection of swag bag goodies yet!

Each boss babe received the brand new Redken Shades EQ 10 shades, the yet-to-be-released Redken Triple Pure hairspray, Jenny Strebe’s newly launched AIIR Texturizing Spray (which smells AMAZING), three FREE months of Schedulicity’s online booking and marketing tools, and some super adorable Hair Love Tour stickers!

Huge thank you to our amazing sponsors, Redken and Schedulicity for helping make this magical event possible!

The speakers: Pure Lady Power

We were honored to have such a killer lineup of powerful industry experts speak at our event in Las Vegas. Here’s a little bit about each of them!

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Shelley Gregory

Shelley is one of the wisest & kindest people we know. She’s a Vegas native and has been perfecting her craft as a colorist / stylist for over 15 years. She’s gained recognition online and gone viral for her pastel hair creations that have been featured on Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Pop Sugar, Seventeen, Huffington Post and many more sites. Shelley teaches her coloring techniques and social media business strategy to other stylists.

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Sarah LouWho

Sarah is one of our favorite beauty bloggers and stylists. She specializes in hair and makeup tutorials and is known for her distinctive pixie haircut. She uses her impressive platform on Instagram to inspire, motivate, and educate her followers.

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Barb Garcia-Grove

Barb is is a stylist and the founder of Square Salon and Atelier by Square in Las Vegas. She is an expert at curating a beautiful salon space and culture, providing her stylists with solid career paths. Not only is she an amazing stylist and salon owner, she is committed to inspire and give back to her community through numerous charities.

The conversation

The full conversation from our panel will be available to listen to on Hair Love Radio next month, but here are some amazing little tidbits from these amazing ladies!

Barb said this about her decision to consume less social media:

“We need to be present and we need to be there for others.”

Sarah said one of her biggest lessons in life was when she has worked for years at a corporate job before realizing her worth:

“It’s good to be grateful, but you have to know your own worth.”

She also had some good insight on which dreams and goals to chase:

“If it’s not scary as hell, the outcome probably won’t be as great.”

Shelley is a big believer in saying yes to exciting opportunities, because even if you aren’t getting paid, the opportunity will open doors for you.

“I say yes before I know I’m going to get paid for something, if I know it’s a good fit.”

Again, thank you SO MUCH to our amazing brand sponsors, Redken and Schedulicity for helping make our beautiful events possible! We couldn’t have done it without them!

Here are some photos of our gorgeous attendees and venue from Las Vegas. We Hair Love You!