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Hair Love Radio Recap: Magic in Scottsdale

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The Hair Love family KNOWS that love is stronger than fear, collaboration is more powerful than competition, and women are happiest when we are supporting each other!

These ideas are the foundation of the Hair Love brand, and the reason we decided to continue spreading light and love with the Hair Love Radio Tour! Our hope for this tour is that strangers would come away as friends, and everyone in attendance could learn and fill up their cups with inspiration from some powerful, wonderful women in the hair industry.

Pair a live podcast recording for Hair Love Radio with industry experts, a live DJ, out-of-this world swag bags, and a swoon-worthy venue, and you have the perfect recipe for an amazing night! We kicked off our live podcast tour in Scottsdale, Arizona, and we were blown away with a sold out, standing room only night filled to the brim with magic!

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We gathered in a magical venue called Q Space for our first night of the Hair Love Radio tour, and boy was it amazing! Our events staff transformed the space into a Hair Love Heaven, and that is just the beginning!

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Nestled in the parking lot outside, the iconic Hair Love RV was on display in its full glowing glory. It made for some cute Instagram stories and photo moments!

The party kicked off with check-in, everyone finding their seats, and checking out the goodies in their Dream In Color swag bags!

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Each guest got an amazing swag bag filled with some amazing goodies! For real, these are probably our most lit swag bags to date!

Each boss babe received the brand new Redken Shades EQ 10 shades, the yet-to-be-released Redken Triple Pure hairspray, Jenny Strebe’s newly launched AIIR Texturizing Spray (which smells AMAZING), three FREE months of Schedulicity’s online booking and marketing tools, and some super adorable Hair Love Tour stickers!

Huge thank you to our amazing sponsors, Redken and Schedulicity for helping make this magical event possible!

The speakers

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Some amazing, powerhouse women joined us as speakers at our Scottsdale event! Here’s a little bit about each amazing panelist:

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Jenny Strebe

Jenny is a master of her profession and has over 15 years of experience in the industry. She harnesses the transformative power of hair to create visually stunning styles, from high fashion editorial to popular everyday looks. She is also the founder of AIIR, a hair product line that delivers a unique combination of high-performance professional hair products infused with natural botanicals and precious gemstones believed to deliver complete wellbeing.

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Shannel Mariano

Shannel is a passionate hairstylist & educator working behind the chair in Phoenix, Arizona. On the weekends, she travels and teaches haircutting to other hairstylists. She loves nerding-out on hair. She also is very fond of puppies and food.

Shannel has taught amazing haircutting classes for Hair Love Retreat!

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Cassandra McGlaughlin

Cassandra is an award-winning correction specialist, and has mastered the art of the transformation; she brings together technical skill, in depth color theory and artistic color placement to create a modern take on classic hair. With over 12 years of experience as a full-time hairdresser and a 2 time salon owner, Cassandra keeps her techniques deeply rooted in salon reality. She is also one of our honored Hair Love Leaders!

Wise words from wise women

Jenny, Cassandra, and Shannel had so much amazing experience and advice to share with us in Scottsdale. Here are a handful of amazing quote from each of them.

I am the queen of failure… I have fucked up on every single project I have ever done… I think failures are good as long as there’s a takeaway. Know that you’re awesome, learn from it, and move on.

Jenny Strebe

You do have control. You maybe don’t have control over every bit of your circumstances… What decisions are we willing to make every day to create the reality that is around us?

Cassandra Platinum

Whatever you have been through in the past that is hard, don’t see it as a failure or as something that held you back, see it as something that made you stronger.

Shannel Mariano

Jenny also said something beautiful about being a mom to her daughter, something that so many of us mothers can relate to when it comes to spending time away from home to focus on our careers:

She sees a strong woman role model, and I think that’s going to be impactful for her the rest of her life.

Jenny Strebe

This just in: our Scottsdale tribe is GORGEOUS

It was so wonderful seeing so many beautiful faces and souls at our event in Scottsdale! Here are some cute photo moments from the evening!

We had such an amazing night with our Hair Love Babes in Scottsdale, and we can’t wait to connect with our tribe in three other cities!

We Hair Love You!