Episode 52: Why Retail is Sexy with Lexi Lomax


Do you understand the power of retail? This week, we sit down with Lexi lomax, a salon owner and boss babe to talk all about the importance of retail in your business. This episode is powered by our favorite place to shop all the Redken Hair Goodies we need, Salon Centric. (We linked an amazing Video tutorial for you to watch!)

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If you want to hear a funny story about Lexi, check out our other episode with Lexi “The Truth About Owning a Salon”. In this episode, we discuss all the tips and tricks to educating your clients on products, developing trust, and ultimately improving your value and worth as a hairstylist! 

3:00 Retail increases value and retention rate

Retention rate is the most important number in your business! Retail is how your client takes care of their hair at home. What you do in the salon doesn’t matter if they can’t take care of it at home! You want to give your clients the best products for them to use at home. 

A lot of times the client’s don’t know how to use the products, so you need to make sure you educate them! Give your client some extra time during their appointment to teach them! It increases your trust factor with your clients.

The reality- there are a lot of stylists out there, and you have to figure out what makes you stand out! It’s important for your client to know that you care about them. By teaching, you show them that you are the expert and you develop trust! Trust is special because it is earned and has to be maintained.

Make sure that when you recommend products, you ACTUALLY use and recommend them. It’s important to find the product you truly love, and then share it with your client. This helps building credibility with your client. 

The truth is… almost every brand has good products. Pick a brand and understand their mission, and ultimately figure out what is best for your client!

14:00 How to come up with a script to introduce it to your client. 

Start with the consultation. Say things like… “Because we are blonding you, we are going to use (Insert specific product)” 

At the bowl, “Your blonde looks so great. I can’t wait for your to use the (insert product) at home!” 

During the style, Set the product out at the front. If they comment on the smell, give the bottle to them and let them hold it and smell it.

At the end, “We took you from here to here, I want you to maintain the color with (insert product).”

Other suggestions: 

-Ask questions.. “Do you have a product like this?” 


-Teach the sale! 

“Your hair looks bomb. If you want it to stay that way, you’ll want to use (insert product)”

If you don’t tell your client, how are they going to know? It is your job to educate them! You are the professional and expert, and we forget, because they’re not. 

-Make people feel safe and comfortable enough to ask questions and so that they don’t feel dumb. 

-Change the questions “DO you have any challenges for your hair?” to “WHAT challenges do you have with your hair?” This gives them a comfortable opening to talk about their hair. 

Always remember… You are providing solutions!

-Change “Why” to “I wonder..”. Example: Why didn’t you want a balayage? to “I wonder what a balayage would look like.” 

23:20 Let’s wrap it up!

1st As far as retail goes, don’t stress out and do what is best for your clients! Don’t think of it as selling!

2nd Word switches. 

-’DO’ you have any concerns? to ‘WHAT’ are your concerns?

-Replacing “WHY” with “I WONDER”

3rd Start looking for a brand you want to support more and be consistent with it!