Episode 55: Hair Love Radio Tour: Las Vegas, NV

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Thank you to our sponsors schedulicity and redken for making this tour possible! Schedulicity is offering 3 months free by clicking on this link! Redken hooked up all of our attendees with the new Level 10 shades from Shades EQ!  Also, AIIR hair care gave each of our attendees a bottle of their AMAZING texture spray! Thank you!! 

Our second stop on the tour was Las Vegas, NV and our live podcast was held at the most beautiful salon, Square Atilier.

Our panel had some seriously inspiring women!! Shelley Gregory, Sarah Louwho and Barb Garcia-Grove joined Elizabeth and they discussed all the good (and bad) monumental moments that have shaped who they are today!


Shelley Gregory– From Las Vegas, and has been doing hair for 18 years. She is married and is a mom to three kids and two dogs. She does all things hair: color, extensions, hairdos, fashion week and she also teaches education! She is a L’oreal and SalonCentric Ambassador, and has even taught at Hair Love Retreat! She is known for her pastel color. After her first time doing this, her Insta went from 1,400 to 10,000 followers in 3 weeks. 

Sarah Louwho- 3 years ago, she chopped her hair and took a selfie that went viral. Everyone was wondering how she styled it, so she made a video that went viral. She went from 800 followers to hundreds of thousands of followers in a few months! All of this just started out as a hobby, (and honestly, she was mostly excited about free product) and now she is a DesignMe hair ambassador, on the Sephora squad and so many others! She is also AMAZING at makeup, and she specializes Halloween special effects.

Barb Garcia-Grove– Owner of Atlier square salon where we had our podcast! There are about 150 people who work at her salons. She prides herself on being a family with her staff, and helping individuals grow! 


1st question: MENTORS! Who are some mentors you have in your life and what effects have they had on you? 

Elizabeth: When you’re a mentor, you become a have to become a MASTER of your craft. Mentors open windows that did not exist. Mentors come from so many other places, other than just a person. You can listen to podcasts, read books, there are SO many outlets!

Shelly: Multiple people have been her mentors. Her mom worked full time and was a mentor to her growing up, she had some when she was assisting, and now her best friend and Barb are mentors. Often times, you’ll have different mentors for different parts of your life. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: When you mentor someone, you have to be willing to let them be BETTER than you!

Sarah Louwho: All growing up her friends always came to her for advice and help, and now she is still giving advice to friends, now she just has a bigger circle of influence. She also has different mentors for different parts of her life like Shelley. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: It is SO important to try new things and never get too comfortable, you have to keep growing! No one is going to push you to grow more than yourself!!

Barb: “Comfortable kills! You have to keep moving forward!” 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Find what feeds your soul! It’s important to mentor, because that is your future!! Get out and see what’s out there. Successful people have mentors. 

21:45 What are some failures that you’ve overcome and how has it impacted your life?

Shelley: She feels like she “fails” as a mom all the time. This is a bug deal to her, because when she makes mistakes at home, it affects her entire life. To combat this, she has learned how to manage her schedule and she utilizes her family members so that she can travel and still do hair a couple of times a week.

Mini shout out to Rachel Hollis: “If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no!”

Remember: Saying yes is how you elevate your careers!

Sarah Louwho: Her biggest lesson she learned was when she graduated college and she worked for a global software company. She worked her way up the ladder and it was super stressful! It took her too long to realize her value and was abused and she finally realized that she stayed at that job for too long. She now knows that she will NEVER do that again. 

Remember: It’s healthy to be scared when you make decisions but you know what you have to do for yourself!

Barb: You have to learn from everything! You will have failures, and make mistakes, but you have to say to yourself… “what did you walk away with?” Those moments are what make your character and your soul. Education is key! Who you surround yourself is key! 

30:30 How do you do things that scare you?

Shelly: Fake it till you make it. You have to push yourself to be your BEST Self without thinking too much about it.

Sarah: Epiphany aleret!! NO ONE has life figured out. Period. You just have to embrace the scary things in your life. Those moments you are MOST scared in your career are always the most fun! 

Elizabeth: Success looks different for everyone. 

Barb: Change is GOOD! It makes you work even harder.

36:00 Barb talks about her Back to School Program with the CASA Foundation.

Everyone year, her salon puts together a back to school night with the CASA Foundation and provides the kids with hair cuts, school supplies, shoes, clothes, and everything that they could need to be prepared for the new year! They provide lots of snacks and treats and a fun night with a photobooth and amazing energy for the kids! A lot of times they end up in tears. They are able to do this because of their salon family and hair dressers! They get everything DONATED! 

Elizabeth Advice: Your relationships are your biggest resource in your life. One thing to remember when you are scared.. It’s not for YOU. It’s to help those around you! Don’t miss out on an amazing opportunity!

41:45 Let’s Wrap it Up!

Sarah: It’s not about YOU!! Don’t let your ego get in the way! You’re here to make friends and interact and it’s YOUR job to reach out! Everyone is nicer than they look. You can do it!!

Barb: Get away from yourself, step aside and just DO IT! 

Shelley: Don’t let fear hold you back!! 

Elizabeth: Everyone has hard things, and we all want to be happy, so be there for eachother!

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