Pivot Point Challenges the Status Quo

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Pivot Point is one of our amazing sponsors and we are so lucky to be partnered with them!

Ok babes… Pivot Point is the real MVP! Their mannequins are our go-to for our Hair Love Retreat event! They have been a leader in the hair education industry for over 50 years and their core is rooted in their people. They care about the quality of their products and facilities, their employees, and their customers!

Pivot Point is constantly challenging the status quo.
They believe it is their responsibility to evolve hair and beauty education.


So… Why should you #lookforthetag??

Pivot Point promises that their products are the best quality and are held to the highest standards, and it all starts in manufacturing. They not only care about the sources of their products, but how they are being made.

Their commitment to their customers is that everything they do is socially responsible.

This is why you can find the SA8000 tag on all of their hair manufactured products. The SA8000 certification solidifies their commitment to human rights by guarding against the use of child and forced labor, discrimination and unfair disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation. They promise that all of their mannequins are manufactured in facilities that abide by these ethical practices.

“Never compromise Integrity, Ethics, or Doing What is Right”

– Leo Passage (Founder of PivotPoint)

This is why they started the #LookfortheTag campaign. This campaign encourages anyone in the industry to abide by these standards! When you see the SA8000 tag on a mannequin, you are assured that the manufacturing facility meets high standards for working conditions.

Check out this video to learn more about the SA8000 Standard and the impact that it has on those people’s lives who are working for Pivot Point!

So WHY does this all matter? WHY should you care?

We’re all here to support each other and Pivot Point has made it a goal to provide their employees with the best working conditions, and the end users with the best product. What’s not to love?

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Pivot Point Mannequins were used at several of our education classes at our Hair Love Retreat! They stole the show at our paint party, Laced Hair Extensions, and haircutting workshops!

We are SO grateful to have Pivot Point be apart of our tribe and for their passion in creating amazing products, all while maintaining the highest industry standards!

Thank you, thank, you, THANK YOU, Pivot Point!