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This is a guest blog post written by the amazing Amanda Riley.

I was homeschooled <— my excuse for my social awkwardness at any large group gatherings. 

I attended the Hair Love event last year in Los Angeles specifically because I wanted to network. Not just network as a way to grow my business but network as a way to grow my community! 

Community over Competition is the name of the game in the hair industry these days which has changed drastically since being in Cosmetology school 11 years ago. 

I went to the Hair Love event knowing that in 2019 I wanted to continue to grow my community in the beauty industry through face-to-face interaction with like-minded individuals.

I marched up (while internally screaming) to several different women I admire in the beauty industry and told them I like their social media’s and follow them. Little did they know the courage it took for me to do that where I was sweating BULLETS in my velvet jacket. 

Since then I’ve bonded with several of those women and 3 of them have spoken at my community event The Glow Social!

The fourth Glow Social event is October 21st at 9AM!

The Glow Social is all about “letting each other shine in the beauty industry through community and encouragement”! The fourth Glow Social event is October 21st at 9AM

The Glow Social; Building Your Brand Basics will feature three amazing panelists all sharing their different story or narrative and how they’ve branded their companies.

Building Your Brand Basics features; Lexi Lomax; salon owner and educator, Kasey Boone of Glow Skincare & 1/2 of the podcast Beauty Bizz Bffs and Promise Tangemen of GoLiveHQ a branding and website development company, teaching you the basics of branding how you can start today!

Our morning starts with mimosas, coffee and your favorite breakfast pastries while I speak about why The Glow Social was founded. Panelists will then spend time serving the beauty industry talking all things Building Your Brands Basics like;

  • What is Branding?

  • Why should beauty industry entrepreneurs be “branding” themselves?

  • How can attendees start today?

  • How do beauty industry professionals brand themselves and why?

  • Should attendees brand themselves or follow their salon/spa’s brand?

  • Should I work at a place based on their “brand”?

  • What if where I work doesn’t align with my brand?

  • What if my salon/spa is stuck in an age where that didn’t matter and they don’t know how to move forward? How can I help?

  • What are your top three tips for branding yourself in the next month?

Building Your Brand Basics will wrap up with time for networking, taking photos in our photo booth and a Q&A featuring all our panelists!

Tickets are now on sale! So get yours NOW!




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More About Amanda and The Glow Social

The Glow Social is a gathering of beauty professionals created by Amanda to develop community within the Los Angeles area. Amanda’s goal is to start new friendships within a safe haven designed to create camaraderie.

Her desire is for you to walk away feeling uplifted about topics in our industry, meet a new best friend and to grow your community through face-to-face interaction! 

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