Episode 63: You Have to be Happy. A Success Story with the CEO of Pink Pewter

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Elizabeth and Mireya discuss all things when it comes to starting a business!

Mireya is a hairstylist, motivational speaker, and CEO of Pink Pewter.

2:00 Mireya shares her journey and how it has gotten her where she is today.

Her mom forced her to go to beauty school, even though she didn’t want to. She was going to college and beauty school at the same time, and basically had no life. She ended up going through cosmetology very quickly (only 8 months) and started working with her mom. She quickly realized that she absolutely LOVED being a hairdresser!

After she got married, her husband had to have open heart surgery, and she began a hobby creating accessories on the side to sell. She was super busy and her chair was booked out for months, and then she realized her passion was incorporating her accessories into her hairstyles.

She took her accessory products to boutiques and salons and asked them if they were interested, and all of the stores were interested!!

As demand for her accessories grew, she had to expand and find help! Long story short.. her entire house became a broach factory.

She continued to grow and eventually moved into a warehouse, moved into bigger retailers, and now its sold in over 42 countries!! She has made a lot of money, but she has also lost a lot of money!!

She has learned that having a business is NOT easy. On the outside it may look glorious because of all the travel and success, but it is HARD WORK!

Her advice? She tells people “the main focus in your life is your PASSION. If you are moved by money, that will make you happy for a little bit, but it won’t last. So find your passion!!

12:30 HOT SEAT

Elizabeth asks Mireya: “What is something you wish you would have known in hindsight that were hurting your business and not propelling it forward?”

She talks about how her sales team was really good but really greedy, and were not getting along, and created a very negative energy. Even though they made her company a lot of money, they came into work very moody and unhappy, and it wasn’t worth it. You need to have a strong team.

2nd question: “What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur”

Her response: “Do everything step by step and LEARN everything!” She couldn’t control her growth and ended up saying yes to every opportunity, when she should have said no to help control the growth, and avoid mistakes.

It’s ok to say NO! Then remember that down the road you could say yes! Just make sure you have a team!!

20:00 Life Today

This year she found a passion in sharing her journey with those around her! She began doing a “Empower Your Life” series where she goes and tells her story, her mistakes, and then those in attendance can ask questions!

She also started a show called Thrive with Ryan Weeden. This show is a power packed day of balayage, business, branding, empowerment and social media The show is in Dallas, TX, November 10th. (Click here to get a ticket and use code: LOVETHRIVE to get 30% off!)

32:00 Let’s Wrap it Up

Mireya’s 3 takeaways from today’s podcast are:

1. Passion is everything! Your passions are important, you have to be happy!

2. Believe in yourself!

3. Come to our THRIVE Event on November 10th!

Big thank you to Mireya for being on our podcast, and spreading her light and knowledge!

Always remember.. We HAIR LOVE you!

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