Episode 69: Find the Robin to Your Batman in Your Biz

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This is the 5th and FINAL episode of the 5-part series with SalonScale. If you missed the SalonScale introduction episode, click here to listen! This series is filled with free coaching on pricing and so much magic!!

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In today’s episode, Elizabeth Faye sits down with Alicia Soulier, CEO of SalonScale, and Kim and Mazie, their GO-TO GIRLS!!


First off, we talk about WHY it is important to have a team behind you!

Alicia talked about how you realize that there is only SO much you can do on your own, so its imperative to find a team that has the same passion for you. Your Go-To is also the one that get’s things moving! Without them.. you are NOTHING!

Elizabeth talks about those leading characters that are in your life, usually start out as smaller positions such as assistants, baby sitters, etc. They are the ying to your yang, and usually WAY different than you are!

HOT TIP: Give your team access to the Boss’s calendar so that you don’t have to ask when they are available, you can just look at the times! BRILLIANT!


Alicia asks… “What is the funniest task we have ever asked you to do?”

Kim: She had to pick up Alicia’s new born baby that she had never met. She was instructed to take Alicia’s new car, and grab the baby.

Mazie: Had to go pick up pregnancy tests for Elizabeth because she didn’t want anyone to she was going to test for that! She also had to pick up Elizabeth, Derek, and Stryder in Zion because she got a flat tire, to run them over to pre-school graduation! GOOD TIMES!

2nd question: “How many times this week has Elizabeth/Alicia said.. I have an idea”?”

Both Kim and Mazie responded with “ohhh noo… That’s always a hard situation!” “it’s like those roller coasters when your stomach drops” (in a good way of course. haha!)

Elizabeth asks “What is the most rewarding and best part about your job?”

Mazie: She said that she loves that it’s not just a job you’re doing.. You are actually INVESTED. You’re excited for all the things coming, and she loves that Elizabeth is equally invested in her as she is. You both are each others RIDE OR DIE!

Kim: She likes that Alicia makes her a better person. She is very Type A, doesn’t take risks, and Alicia is constantly pushing her out of her comfort zone!

Ultimately, it’s important to attract people who think and act differently than you!

17:45 What are some secrets you have kept that helps the company be more efficient?

Kim: She always makes all of her appointments 15 minutes later, because she KNOWS she is going to be late. She also realized that Alicia cuts/ foils to the beat of the song, and so if she was behind, she turns on a song with a quicker beat, and then Alicia picks up the pace! Sneaky, sneaky Kim!!

Mazie: If someone calls and says they are running behind, she won’t tell Elizabeth because then she’ll think she can take more time. The second thing is that she’ll do things that will make her “rush” to get things done, but not be stressed. Another thing she does is that if there is anything that Mazie can take care of instead of Elizabeth, they should reach out to her instead of Elizabeth.

THE BIGGEST SECRET?? Kim and Mazie are Alicia and Elizabeth’s bosses!!

25:45 HOT SEAT

Mazie asks “When was the moment you decided that they became irreplaceable?”

Elizabeth: During the first Hair Love Retreat, she realized that after watching all of the stuff coming together, or when stuff went wrong, and the crying, not sleeping, and seeing everyone pull together and make it happen, she realized they had to stay together!

Alicia: Alicia knew within the first week that she needed to be in her life forever. This was before she worked for her at the age of 13! They have been in each others lives for 20 years, and working together for 11! Alicia loves that whenever she asks Kim to do something, she knows that it’s going to be done 10x better than expected, and she knows that she’ll be their with her through EVERYTHING!

Elizabeth loves that they both are so invested and they always push each other and take care of each other! It gives you something bigger than yourself to focus on! It’s the best to be able to serve your community and give!

It’s so important to have those people that believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself, and can keep pushing you to keep going. When you can be raw and vulnerable with each other, you create magic and can continue growing!

Mazie and Kim have a hard dichotomy because they know that they are SO important to Alicia and Elizabeth, and they are very appreciated by them, but to the world it doesn’t get as much appreciation. You kind of have to work behind the scenes without the recognition.

Kim asks: “Are there any secrets you have when it comes to working?”

Alicia: She said that she doesn’t hide anything, but she does know how to change her energy and emotion. She knows when Kim needs a little boost to get something done, or get serious to bring her back down.

Elizabeth: Works on being aware of how Mazie is ACTUALLY doing personally. She wants to make sure she is doing good so that she can do her job. She tries to do things such as massages, friends, money, or anything that can help her in her personal life.

Here is the link to the entrepreneur book!


The ladies share their top tips related to this topic.

Alicia: The next time you are looking into a business, don’t just look at the bosses, look at the others, and show some appreciation because they are working hard too!

Elizabeth: If you want to be apart of something, you need to be nice to the TEAM!! That is who you are working with, and so it’s important that you’re a team player because you’ll be working closer with the “Mazies” than the “Elizabeths”.

It’s also important to find the right people. You need to look at where you want to be as a company, and find your person that will be there along for the ride.

Kim: She gave the advice to always look at opportunities and potential. Never think that something is below your pay grade, because in the end it is going to pay off!

Mazie: She says to “SHOW YOUR VALUE”. Everyone that works full-time for Elizabeth has taken the risk by things such as taking a pay cut, or other things, because you realize that their is so much room for growth. It’s also important to make yourself irreplaceable.

Final takeaway: Always remember to say thank you!!!

“When someone asks you to get on the rocket, you just get on, you don’t ask for a specific seat”

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