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Crochet Braids with BreeStyles

Hair Love Retreat had this awesome interview with the amazing BreeStyles!

1. What is this technique? What does it do for the client + why would they want it?

I love this technique. It’s called Crochet Braids or just Crochet. Crochet Braids were created to help clients protect their natural hair and still wear extensions without the damaged or glue or tapes.

2. Why do YOU love it and use it?

This technique is my favorite because you can wear any style, any color, and it won’t cause damage to your own hair. I am a stylist that believes in healthy hair falls in the healthy hair category!

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4. Talk to us about how you created this look, how do you do it? 

When creating this look you first want to start off with clean hair and lightweight products like a leave-in and maybe a moisturizing oil because the hair will be braided down for weeks at a time.

After her hair is blow-dried, I braid her hair straight back keeping in mind on her parts so she can we’re her hair different ways.

After I braid her hair, I would then take my hair and crochet needle and starting with the perimeter and crochet the hair into the braids.

As you crochet the hair in to lock the hair in there are two methods you can use. The knot method and the knotless method.

I use both methods. The around the perimeter I use the knotless method to get it more of a natural look. Then for the internal I sure the knot method. 

5. Where can you find the tools needed for this look?

So what you will need to create this look is the style of hair you want, a crochet needle, a sewing needle and thread to sew the ends of their braids up before you crochet the hair in, and your hair products. You can find all of these tools at your local beauty supply store.  

These styles cost an average of $100-$200. Crochet can last between 1 -2 months depending on your aftercare. 

All I can say is, this is my go-to style when I am ready for a hair change. My clients love because it’s easy on their natural hair!

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About BreeStyles:

Bree Mitchell moved to the north Georgia area from New Orleans in 2005. She studied at Paul Mitchell the school and the Mastery by Esani to become a licensed master cosmetologist traveling the world providing healthy hair services.

Passionate about all textures and formations of hair and making you feel like a celebrity. With encouragement from family and friends, Bree started BreeStyles Hair and Makeup in 2016.

You can find Bree on Instagram @breestyles3official.

Visit her website at