Episode 70: Lean Into Your Light & the Money Will Come


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In this episode, Elizabeth sits down with Brit Carmichael, aka @worldbybrit aka the most magical being!

Brit is the founder of Shine School, has been in the hair industry for over 10 years, and owns a vegan salon in Frisco, TX. She spends most her time empowering women to follow their dreams! She started her self-love blog about 6 years, and discovered there was a formula. Most people that sat down in her chairs were having the same problem and she wanted to help!

SOO many hot tips and one liners coming at ya in this episode! Check it out below.



Brit’s Philosophy: “The 7 or above rule”
1- It sucks. 10- It’s amazing.

”If it’s not a 7 or above, we don’t say yes to to it!!! We delegate it, delete it, or forget it. Because life is SO short and what’s the point if you’re not doing what love!”

“When you’re doing what you love, THE MONEY COMES!”

12:00 HOT SEAT

Elizabeth asks “What was the turning point for you when you felt that you were being pulled in a different direction?”

In 2012, Brit had a crazy year. Her mom got very sick, she had a near death experience, and more events hitting her left and right and forced her to live in the present moment. She realized she was living in the future, and she began to realize the your thoughts are SO powerful, and that each day is a gift, and you have no idea what is going to happen.

She started asking herself the questions “What am I hear for?” “What can I do to be authentic?”

She began looking inside herself, and after the near death experience, her intuition was yelling at her! From that moment on, she promised to live the rest of her life trusting her intuition. She went home and found a book called “Trust Your Vibes” By Sonya Choquette. From there, she went to psychic that told her she had a gift, and she got some tarrot cards.

Looking back, she realized it was a gradual change of discovering who she was, what lights her up, what her passions are, and began taking care of herself.

It was then that she realized SELF CARE ISN’T SELFISH.

If she could give any advice, it would be to NOT wait until drama. If you are having nudges to do something, DO IT NOW before it’s too late! Take action now and begin to grow and be the leaders in the world!

17:20 The important of Listening

Listen to yourself and those around you, and lean into it. When you are getting nudges, take action.

Elizabeth asks Brit what self-care looks like to her.

She said that self-care is making sure that her schedule is set up so that she has time for herself. She has focused on finding the balance between giving too much and setting up time for her. The beginning hours of the days are HERS. She doesn’t schedule anything until after 12pm. She spends the morning doing yoga, drinking coffee, spending time with her husband. Then at night, she has an alarm that goes off at 9pm and she asks herself “What do I need?” She usually does some stretches, drinks tea, and takes some time to rewind.

She makes sure she she opens and closes the day with “Me time”

She works from about 12-7, but takes breaks. So she will give her ALL for a couple of hours, and then take a break, so that she can rewind and reset.

There’s only so much you can do in a day, and if you are making consistent progress, and celebrating what you do get done, you can go to sleep peacefully knowing you moved forward.

When you are really clear with what you are wanting with your life, it is really easy to say yes to what aligns, and no to anything that doesn’t bring you joy.

If you want to connect with Brit, find her on Instagram! Or she has an FB group called “#Shinetribesisterhood.”

Brit is also going to be at Hair Love Retreat!!


Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Be yourself ALWAYS. No matter who you are around!

  2. Listen and TAKE ACTION to your intuition nudges.

  3. FREAKING GO FOR IT. Dream big. Anything is possible!


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