Episode 80: Surrender to Your Success with Addie Jones

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On today’s episode we sit down with THE Addie Jones! Addie is a huge part of the Hair Love Community and is absolutely killing it in life and her business!

2019 started out kind of crazy for Addie. Right before she attend Hair Love Retreat, she got out of a relationship, and had to decide where she wanted to do hair and what she wanted to do with her life!

The retreat changed her life. Not only did she receive amazing education, she made friends that will last a lifetime. The Hair Love community is what make our events so special!

She made so many new friends that have helped open the doors for her!

She is also apart of the Workshop in a Box. WIB is an intense 12 month program that will work on all facets of your business. It’s for those babes who are ready to level up in their business.

COMING 2020!!

We will be releasing a la carte videos! Everything from The Perfect Pricing Method, to Branding (with Haley Davis Designs), to Mindset, to Hair Color! If you want to be the first to know click here:)

We are so grateful for Addie and the amazing woman she is!

You can hang out with her here!

Always remember..

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