Episode 81: Texture Vs. Race. The Movement You Need To Support with Keya Neal

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This week’s podcast is SO important. We get to chat with Keya Neal. She is changing the industry! Today’s episode is honest, open and vulnerable! We get to chat with Keya Neal. She is the founder of Texture vs. Race, Kolour Kulture, educator, and SO much more!


Texture vs. Race was born when Keya was teaching her Kolour Kulture curriculum. She teaches all over, and while she teaching color, she got to teach texture for the American Board of Certified Specialists, and then birthed the Texture Vs. Race Movement!! This movement is a mind shift, industry shift, and an opportunity for growth! It teaches people how to navigate and work with textures they may not be super comfortable with and be more diverse behind the chair in their salons. It is all about getting more comfortable behind the chair!

You can learn about Texture Vs. Race through the curriculum. That is the CORE! You will learn the theory, the language, how to style. They give you all the tools to be sound. Ultimately though, they add it back into the curriculum from DAY ONE! It takes race off of the table, and teaches you to look at hair has a fabric and not a race. Keya believes that everyone can learn to do hair, but can you help the person! If you are saying you can’t do textured hair, you are saying things like.. It might be uncomfortable, different, lack of exposure, and so much more. So the Texture Vs. Race gives everyone a SAFE place to learn the education. It can be very embarrassing to admit that you might not be comfortable with textured hair, but Keya and her curriculum is teaching everyone how to do it all!

Keya wants everyone to know that if you are uncomfortable with textured hair, it is NOT YOUR FAULT!! Hair school curriculum doesn’t give you the education you need, and so as a hairstylist, you never learned it. The best part of Keya’s curriculum goes back to page one and breaks it down from the beginning because they understand that they need to start with the basics.

if you say that you don’t want to do textured hair, Keya says that it’s not her job to convince you that there is a need for everyone to learn how to do textured hair.

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There will be a summit on March 29th-31st in Baltimore, Maryland. You will be able to gather will all different kind of people and learn and grow and find beauty in the differences! It is a huge opportunity to speak your truths and be vulnerable. Texture Vs. Race isn’t about teaching white people how to do textured hair. It’s about teaching anyone to do things that they may not be comfortable doing.

There is a lot of education already out there as well! See below:

Leysa Carillo

Danielle Green with Radically Curly


Elizabeth asks if she thinks that having only one type of model (ex: white, blonde girl doing a balayage) on Instagram is harmful. She says that it’s not harmful if that’s what you are wanting to get attention. For example, a flyer doesn’t get engagement like a selfie does. So people are more inclined to post pictures of what they think others want to see.

There will be a summit on March 29th-31st in Baltimore, Maryland. She advises that you have to start somewhere when posting new content. Maybe at first they don’t like your things, because in their mind it’s not “acceptable” or “beautiful”, but you have to start introducing different things to your audience so that they will realize that it’s ok to “like” other things, and it can help open their mind to new concepts.

One of her biggest things with Instagram, is the repost accounts. A lot of times they will not repost texture pictures because it doesn’t match the “aesthetic”.





Mona cut

Once you start being OPEN, you can change the entire world!!!!

If you guys have ANY questions, Keya wants you to slide into her DMs so that everyone can move forward in the same direction!

Always remember.. We Hair Love You!!!

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